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  •   Hall 9 / C59-3

    CETI European center of Innovative textile

    Tourcoing, France
    Born of a strong political will, driven by the Up-Tex competitiveness cluster, the CETI embodies the commitment of an entire Region and Eurométropole to boost the textile industry of the future. The
  •   Hall 5 / A43

    Comazo GmbH & Co. KG

    Albstadt, Germany
    Tradition meets innovation - Comazo quality underwear from the Swabian Alb! 130 years - but far from dusty! For more than a century, the name Comazo has stood for product innovations and quality that
    Comazo GmbH & Co. KG
  •   Hall 5 / G06-3
  •   Hall 5 / D44
  • Sustainability Future Solutions
      Hall 5 / D21

    OEKO-TEX Service GmbH

    Zürich, Switzerland
    OEKO-TEX® consists of 18 independent research and test institutes in Europe and Japan. They are responsible for the joint development of test methods and limit values which form the basis for our
    OEKO-TEX Service GmbH
  • Sustainability
      Hall 5 / B13

    RAL gemeinnützige GmbH

    Bonn, Germany
    The Blue Angel for textiles and shoes The German government's eco-label has been certifying environmentally friendly, healthy and durable products and services since 1978. The Blue Angel is thus the
    RAL gemeinnützige GmbH
  •   Hall 4 / B46

    Traffi Safe Ltd.

    Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  •   Hall 7 / C43


    Skopje, North Macedonia