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Matthias von Lilienhoff

Head of Sales & Operations

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Online Marketing Manager

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Marketing Services

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Fristads Kansas Austria GmbH

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Fristads Kansas Workwear B.V. Nederland

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.11  Functional wear/performance wear
  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.16  Heat and fire-resistant clothing
  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.21  Protective clothing for welding
  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.27  Weather protection clothing
  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.02  Corporate Fashion/Identity/Image Wear
  • 01.02.01  Corporate clothing, informal

Our products

Product category: Functional wear/performance wear, General protective clothing, Heat and fire-resistant clothing, Protective clothing for welding, Warning clothing, Weather protection clothing, Corporate clothing, informal

CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS – well-engineered concepts always ensure the right solution

Whenever we create something, we always think in terms of solution-oriented, holistic concepts. Our products are developed so that they optimally work in combination with one another and as part of various clothing concepts. Therefore, our trade fair presentation is in keeping with the motto “Concepts & Solutions”.

Take a look, for example, at our multilayer system with protection against electric arcs: We are leading in this segment thanks to a unique certification process that included testing not only for individual garments, but also in various combinations with one another. Thus, we can report actual protective values for both the individual pieces as well as for all useful combinations. The advantages for the user are enormous: Increased security and greater trust in its PPE, in addition to unbeatable extra comfort.

Our garments with electric arc protection also offer additional standard requirements, such as high visibility or protection against the elements and is therefore the optimal match for many other concepts. Multinorm is OUR topic!
So play it safe and visit our booth. Our concepts and solutions will convince you.

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Product category: General protective clothing, Heat and fire-resistant clothing, Protective clothing for welding

FLAME PROTECTION – Your security is our highest priority.

We are constantly thinking in terms of concepts and always offer optimal solutions. Just as the case with the flame multilayer system with electric arc protection: During an elaborate certification process we have tested garments – all consisting of high-tech materials with inherent flame protection – on an individual basis and in combination with one another. As the market leader in this segment, we can list precise protective values, thus providing additional security, in addition to an unprecedented level of comfort. The inner layer of the underwear is made of flame retardant, breathable MOF material with carbon fibres extending to the shell layer, thus offering you comprehensive, sophisticated protection. Discover the great variety of combination options – for women as well.

One innovation featured at the trade fair is the new outerwear from GORE-TEX®, including integrated protection for welders and additional certifications. Furthermore, for the first time ever, we will also use this opportunity to present the lightest protective clothing on the market, which offers protection against flames and electric arcs. It remains waterproof, is highly breathable and protects against thermal and electric hazards. Maximum comfort and flexibility combined with the highest level of protection.

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Product category: General protective clothing, Warning clothing

HIGH VISIBILITY – Stand out everywhere, while enjoying excellent all-weather comfort.

If visibility is essential, then there is no getting around our extensive high visibility range. Regardless of which high visibility level is required for a particular profession – we have the right solution for you.

In addition, we are expanding the range of high visibility products this year: Another trade-fair highlight will be the presentation of, for example, a light softshell jacket made of robust stretch material with protection against wind and rain as well as an incredibly comfortable, stretchy fit.
A further new product is our GORE-TEX® WINTER PARKA with removable lining, thus guaranteeing the ultimate level of protection in cold and rainy conditions.

Did you know that we currently offer the most comprehensive high visibility assortment for women on the market?
Visit us at out booth and experience a new level of high visibility.

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Product category: General protective clothing, Weather protection clothing

PROTECTION AGAINST THE ELEMENTS – maximum comfort for all types of weather

Regardless of whether biting cold, torrential rain or icy wind – with our intelligent 3-layer concept you are optimally equipped for all kinds of weather conditions. From the inner layer with moisture transport to the insulation layer and the outer protective layer, we offer you a wide range of garments. Furthermore, due to numerous additional certifications they can be integrated into other concepts.

Do you require flame protection or is increased visibility important? Or perhaps both? Either way – we have the solution for all types of weather. Another trade fair premier will be the presentation of our FLAMESTAT HIGH VIS GORE-TEX® JACKET, consisting of the light high-tech material GXE. Thanks to multinorm certification, this all-rounder is the perfect addition to nearly every clothing concept.

Discover even more highlights at our booth, such as our colourful GEN Y AIRTECH® JACKET with a hip colour-blocking design.

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Product category: General protective clothing, Corporate clothing, informal

CORPORATE & CASUAL WEAR – We will reveal your identity with customised corporate garments.

Make the best of your workwear – with a professional corporate image. Our ICON industry collection offers so many colour ways that there is certainly a solution for you. And best of all: Thanks to our Mix & Match concept, you will always find the suitable colour, just in case you would like to complement your existing corporate garments with additional pieces.

But that is still not enough customisable options? No problem. Our corporate dress service creates workwear for you in accordance with your corporate DNA. From special designs to customised colour ways or logos and brandings. We make it possible.

For promotional activities, we even offer Acode, a casual-wear brand, which is highly suitable for advertising purposes and also great for use during leisure time.
So stop by and visit us at the booth to find out more about which unique solutions we have for your corporate image.

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Our trade marks


About us

Company details

Fristads Kansas – we are workwear

We at Fristads Kansas are passionate about workwear. That is our legacy, which stems from our extensive history and is firmly rooted in our DNA. Everything we develop is aimed at providing those who wear our clothing with excellent, functional garments for their daily work. That is what we understand by workwear. Functional, high quality and stylish workwear enables professionals to be the best they can be. So use our workwear, test it out and be merciless. We are sure you will feel comfortable and secure.

Unique product development

A fundamental part of product development is conducted at Fristads Kansas’ laboratory. At this location, we test the physical properties of the raw materials and garments. Abrasion resistance, pilling, tear resistance, tensile strength, colour fastness and form/dimensional stability are just a few of the numerous tests that are conducted. They are all performed within a controlled environment according to relevant international standards by accredited laboratories. Fristads Kansas is a member of the SIS working group for textiles, the Swedish institute for the development and actualisation of internationally applicable standards.

Always the best quality – without compromise

Quality is our hallmark and can be found throughout all the products and services we provide. The aim of our quality policy is to meet, and if possible surpass, what our customers expect of us before, during and after their purchase. Every customer contact should lead to a recommendation for our products. Every employee is also responsible for the quality. Furthermore, every employee is responsible for a customer – either within or outside of the organisation. To remain a successful and competitive business, it is vital that we measure up to our quality goals and maintain constant improvement. The right-sized organisation, fit-for-purpose work procedures and our personnel’s positive attitude and commitment all serve as the basis for achieving this goal.

A sustainable business is vital for us all

International success goes hand in hand with acting responsibly. We have summarised all of this in a comprehensive programme for sustainability and corporate responsibility. It features our employees’ working conditions, the demands on our suppliers as well as our commitment to human rights and environmental issues. 

You can find our SCR brochure here:


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