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AUTOMESS GmbH Automation und Messtechnik

Postfach 13 06, 68522 Ladenburg
Daimlerstr. 27, 68526 Ladenburg
Telephone +49 6203 950300
Fax +49 6203 950329

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A+A 2019 hall map (Hall 6): stand J42

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A+A 2019 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Security at Work
  • 03.03  Protection against radiation
  • 03.03.02  Measuring equipment for radiation

Measuring equipment for radiation

  • 03  Security at Work
  • 03.08  Measurement and control technology
  • 03.08.14  Radiation


  • 04  Special Equipment for Disaster / Emergency Management - (which is not covered by the product categories 1-3)
  • 04.03  CBRN protection
  • 04.03.02  Measuring and testing equipment

Measuring and testing equipment

Our products

Product category: Measuring equipment for radiation

Teletector 6112B-100

The Teletector 6112B-100 (indication in Sv/h) and the 6112B-101 (indication in R/h) are the classic models with an analog needle meter. The electronics, although completely redesigned in 2003, are purely analog too, i.e. without a microprocessor. Operation is extremely easy through one single rotary switch with seven positions Off / Battery Condition / five measuring ranges. This means that the range has to be selected manually. The instrument does not provide a speaker and thus has no alarm thresholds. An earphone can be connected at the instrument's side. This Teletector is designed for the old quantity Hx. We do not plan a version for H*(10).

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Product category: Measuring equipment for radiation

Dose Rate Warning Devices

The DL-WARNER 6126B is a battery-powered portable device designed to emit a warning whenever the Personal Dose Equivalent Rate Hp(10) caused by photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation) exceeds a certain threshold. The »DL« in its name stands for »Dosisleistung«, the German word for dose rate. The device provides personal protection when handling radioactive substances or when moving to areas with radiation hazard. It is comfortably worn on the clothing.

The 6126B uses an energy compensated GM counting tube as the detector. Particular advantages of this device are easy operation and robust design.
The switch at the front panel is easy to access and is the only operating element required for routine operation. This switch has three positions »Aus-Off«, »Batt.«, and »Ein-On«. Another switch, which requires a screw driver to be rotated, selects the dose rate warning threshold. The necessity of using a screwdriver avoids the threshold to be modified unintentionally.

Moving the operating switch to the »Batt.« position tests the device in general, and the battery in particular. If the warning tone is on in that position, this signals that the battery is good enough for 30 operating hours or more. The battery compartment is in the lower part of the housing, covered by a sliding lid.

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Product category: Measuring and testing equipment

Check Source 6707

Check Source 6707 with Steel Container 811.1, nuclide Cs-137, nominal activity 333 kBq ±10%. In EU Member States, practices involving this Check Source require reporting to the respective competent authority because the source's activity exceeds the exemption value of 10 kBq.

This Check Source is intended and suited for the Scintomat 6134A(/H) only. It has the shape of a cylinder the circular faces of which have collars allowing to click either end of the cylinder onto the Scintomat's probe in place of the protective cap. One face is made of grey material, the other one is black like the body of the cylinder. The radioactive source is inside the cylinder directly behind the centre of the black face. Therefore the distance from the source to the scintillator depends on the orientation you put the check source on the Scintomat. This allows to expose the Scintomat to two well-defined dose rates which differ by approximately a factor of 10 (7 µSv/h and 0.07 mSv/h).

Nuclide and activity (Cs-137 and 333 kBq) are the same as for the type 6706, so for the 6707 the same rules for practices apply.

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