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Sievin Jalkine Oy

Korhosenkatu 24, 85310 Sievi As.
Telephone +358 8 4881-1
Fax +358 8 4881-200

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Mr. Teppo Kemppainen

Sales Director of Sievin Jalkine Oy


+358 (0)40 547 1000


Ms. Niina Sillanpää

International Sales Manager of Sievin Jalkine Oy


+358 (0)40 588 9596


Herr Gisbert Thelemann

Geschäftsführer der Sievi GmbH


07321/355 828-0


Mr. Jussi Ollila

Managing Director of Sievi AB




Mr. Brian Pedersen

CEO Danmark


20 70 00 14


Mr. Bob Brems

Sales & Marketing Director of Sievi Benelux


+31 655 455 865


Mr. Craig Dobson

Business Development Manager Northern England, Northern Wales, Scotland

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

01270 663 818


Mr. Jeff Adams

Business Development Manager Southern England, Southern Wales

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

07500 775 515


Mr. Ülar Verev

Baltic Area Sales Manager


+372 5646 6009


Ms. Marina Karpina

Business Development Manager in Russia and EAEU

Russian Federation

+7 921 44813 08


Mr. Jörn Thomassen

Adm. direktör Sievi AS


468 20 000


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Our products

Product category: Safety shoes

NEW! Sievi AirRacer

The Sievi AirRacer combines the most advanced shock-absorbing heel in the world with Sievi’s stateof-the-art patented SieviAir® sole solution. Sievi FlexEnergy is a flexible component integrated in the entire heel part of the shoe. This provides maximum shock absorption. The component absorbs kinetic energy, with over 55% of the energy returned to the wearer.

The SieviAir® sole solution dissipates the perspiration created by the heat of the feet through special ducts in the side of the shoe. These exhalation channels allow your feet to breathe with every step. 

The Sievi AirRacer product family includes styles for every need: a sandal with a traditional hookand-loop fastening, the breathable S1 shoe together with the Boa® Fit System, and the first S3 protection class shoe with the SieviAir® sole. Moreover, the collection includes a breathable ankle boot with memory foam and a guard protecting the Achilles tendon. Thanks to the new Sievi AirRacer collection, the SieviAir® product family includes normal width as well as XL width shoes.

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Product category: Safety shoes

NEW! Sievi Terrain High S3

The classically stylish and street-credible Terrain High is light and durable, and its anatomic shape supports the feet. The revolutionary Sievi FlexEnergy is a flexible component integrated in the entire heel part of the shoe. It provides maximum shock absorption and exceptional wearer comfort even during long working hours and on all types of surface. The component is made of the TPU Infinergy® material developed by BASF, which according to research returns more than 55% of the energy to the wearer. 

Upper material is water-repellent nubuck leather, and the 3D-dry® lining developed by Sievi transfers moisture from the feet to the second layer of the lining and then through the upper material away from the shoe.

The ankle part of the footwear is protected by memory foam, which shapes itself to the wearer’s foot, providing personalised support and softness. Memory foam prevents ankle injuries by supporting the wearer’s foot and by absorbing external shocks to the ankle.

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Product category: Safety shoes

NEW! Sievi Light Boot Camo O5

Sievi Light Boot Camo is a comfortable and safe boot for work and leisure. The microcellular structure of the polyurethane makes the boots exceptionally lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear. The penetrationresistant steel midsoles give the boots a firm shape and add rotational rigidity even on uneven terrain while providing protection against sharp objects.

• Lightweight with a perfect fit
• Polyurethane boots have a longer working life than most rubber boots
• Spacious Nordic fit
• FlexStep® flexible sole, with sole cleating that prevents slipping
• Sole pattern featuring excellent self-cleaning properties
• No chafing or irritating seams
• Excellent thermal insulation
• Resists water, oil and many chemicals
• Heel notch aids removal of boot
• Fast and easy-to-dry lining material
• Leg section can be shortened

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Product category: Safety shoes

Sievi Racer Free Roller S1P

The latest addition to the Sievi Racer product family is the new, breathable Racer Free Roller S1 P. The sporty and lightweight structure, breathable mesh, anatomic shape that supports the feet, and abrasion-resistant Actionpro dual-layer soles make the Racer Free Roller the ultimate safety shoe.

All Sievi Racer shoes are equipped with the Sievi FlexEnergy flexible component integrated in the entire heel part of the shoe. It is made of BASF's TPU Infinergy(r) material, the world's first expanded thermopastic polyurethane. The FlexEnergy component ensures maximum impact absorption. 

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Product category: Safety shoes

Sievi Racer Roller S3

The Sievi Racer combines comfort and safety in the workplace in a new way. The sporty and lightweight structure, anatomic shape that supports the feet, light and breathable materials, and the new durable and extremely secure ActionPro dual-layer soles make the Racer the ultimate safety shoe.

The flexible FlexEnergy component ensures maximum impact absorption. The component is made of BASF’s TPU Infinergy®, which is the first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane in the world. 

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Product category: Safety shoes

SieviAir® safety footwear breathe with your feet!

Developed and patented by Sievi, SieviAir® literally breathes with your feet, improving ventilation within the footwear with every step you take. Under the perforated insole there is a filter, which is connected to exhalation channels. At each downstep, the filter is slightly compressed before reforming to its original shape as the foot is lifted. With the help of this pumping mechanism, the exhalation channels in the sole construction dissipate the moisture generated by the warming of the feet, which guarantees the best breathability on the market.

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Product category: Safety shoes

Sievi GORE-TEX® - superior quality bringing more comfort

Everybody knows that the excellent breathability and water resistant properties of GORE-TEX® are second to none. GORE-TEX® lining is a unique material, which allows the feet to breathe but at the same time keeps moisture out. Sievi GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort footwear is recommended for changing and wet conditions.

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Product category: Safety shoes

Secure grip in challenging conditions with Sievi Spike!

Never lose your footing with the Sievi Spike. The sole structure of Sievi Spike features a completely redesigned patented integrated spike mechanism that allows the user to simply twist the spikes in and out without taking the shoes off.

Sievi Spike is light weight, flexible and easy to use, making it the perfect safety shoe for slippery conditions.

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Product category: Safety shoes

Sievi winter boots, when cold is not an option

When you work in cold temperatures, the lining material of the boot and the correct choice of last keep your feet warm. The wear-resistant structure, heat-insulating materials and sole that provides good grip guarantee your working comfort in winter. From Sievi’s winter styles you also find a metal free alternative. 

Sievi’s Alaska Thermo is the only electrically heated safety boot on the market. The Alaska Thermo boot features an easy to use and efficient heating system fully integrated in the footwear, which ensures that your feet will stay warm regardless of the weather conditions.

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About us

Company portrait

Sievi is the largest manufacturer of Safety and Occupational footwear in Northern Europe. The Sievi brand, the mark of quality, offers unsurpassed work safety, fit and wearer comfort. Sievi is continuously working with the latest technology, materials and features to develop the best footwear for work.

Our goal is to manufacture the most suitable and wearer friendly safety and occupational footwear for all working conditions; footwear which helps increase work safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction. Working footwear today must also be stylish and fit together with clothing and uniforms. Sievi’s extensive collection forms a product family, where you can find the precise footwear for all your occupations and working conditions. Sievi, the mark for professionals.

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Export content max. 50%
Number of employees 500-999
Foundation 1951
Area of business Industry

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