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Multitone Elektronik International GmbH

Postfach 320760, 40422 Düsseldorf
Roßstr. 11, 40476 Düsseldorf
Telephone +49 211 469020
Fax +49 211 480758

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.05  Safety equipment and facilities for the workplace
  • 01.05.02  Personal safety installations and equipment

Our products

Product category: Personal safety installations and equipment

EkoSecure® – Lone Worker Protection

“A secure wide area system to protect your workers”

Looking to protect your mobile workers operating in and between large buildings or campuses, then the Multitone EkoSecure® system is the ideal solution. Working as stand alone or in conjunction with the EkoTek® network, the EkoSecure pager protects users as they wander in and out of buildings. Ensuring your staff are protected 24/7, along with their status and location information to co-workers.

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Product category: Personal safety installations and equipment

EkoTek® – Staff Protection

“Multitone’s EkoTek staff protection solution helps you provide a duty of care to your employees by enabling them to call for help if an incident occurs.”

EkoTek is an onsite two-way wireless staff protection system that raises an alarm from the touch of a button, fall or lack of response from the user. With location details provided with the alarm, assistance is directed straight to the user.

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Product category: Personal safety installations and equipment

EkoCare® – Nurse Call

Nurse Call Solution - Peace of mind for residents and staff

If you are running a care home or hospital you need to protect your residents and staff, through a nurse call solution. The Multitone EkoCare® solution provides essential accessibility to the resident whether they are bedbound or mobile; and, either way, you need it to pinpoint their exact location and alert the right people immediately.

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Company news



04 Nov 2019

Protecting the Safety of Shoppers, Staff and Property at Canary Wharf Retail

Case Study

Canary Wharf in London is far more than just the world-renowned landmark of the One Canada Square tower. As well as housing numerous offices in this vibrant financial district, it also offers five shopping malls containing over 300 stores. These include high-end fashion outlets, banks, services, stylish wine bars and restaurants, amid the splendour of the rejuvenated Docklands.

Canary Wharf’s retail centre’s mixture of public areas, storage facilities, private staff-only areas and various amenities inevitably means it has complex organisational and operational needs. A key ingredient to its ongoing success is undoubtedly the implementation of excellent communication between the retailers and the facilities estate management team.

The Need
Canary Wharf Group had been using a proprietary communications network across the site. Whilst it had worked well when it was installed, it had become obsolete, with a dated interface and potentially presented a single point of failure. With limited backup options, there were also questions over ongoing maintenance.

The site requires a fully integrated solution to communicate essential information (including specific opening times and maintenance schedules), along with co-ordinating responses to shoplifting, security alerts or even potentially managing an emergency situation or evacuation.

It is vital that any communications solution can cope with the variety of facilities and sheer size of the site. Additionally, the right solution needs to reliably utilise the Wi-Fi network throughout the retail centre and ensure the entire facility has full communications coverage.

The Solution
The Canary Wharf estate management team put together a detailed requirement specification for a new system and began the search for the ideal provider. Having carefully examined the options, Multitone Electronics was chosen for its expert communications knowledge, proven track record and heritage in providing highly reliable, and secure solutions for large and complex facilities. The Multitone i-Message provides a powerful unified messaging solution, which brings together mass notification, staff safety and alarm centralisation, all within one system.

Peter Lomax, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Multitone, commented, “i-Message has been tried and tested across various vertical sectors for mission critical communications, wherever large groups of people meet. The Canary Wharf ‘Estate Alert’ application provides unique benefits for a retail environment, ensuring the right messages reach the right people, on the right devices.”

i-Message provides high levels of communications availability for retailers using the Estate Alert interface, which has been supplied to each tenant. This encompasses media-rich content including pictures and video, along with text messaging. It is simple to share everyday messages (such as opening times, fire alarm tests or maintenance requests) using the seamless touchscreen interface, but equally, emergency messages as well.

Whilst tenants use the robust Estate Alert devices, the security teams are alerted via smart devices (including smart watches).  As with Estate Alert, security teams have full access to media-rich content and two-way communications, so messages can be accepted, responded and tracked. Additionally, a real-time map board shows the location of alarms and can be used to assist in a lock-down or evacuation.

The Result
The Multitone solution has now been deployed across all the stores, locations and public areas. Stores can now work directly with security teams in the event of a crime or lost child. CCTV images of the person of interest can be lifted and sent to the Estate Alert devices, or smart watches of the security team.

Vitally, the Multitone i-Message now provides Canary Wharf with a platform that can evolve with the needs of the facilities. Additional systems can easily be added to the network for rapid upgrades (such as fire or safety alarms or tenant’s freezers/refrigerators for example) if required. To help ensure continuation of service, the fixed Estate Alert units are tamper-proof and use Power over Ethernet (PoE) for service stability. If the system is disconnected for any reason an alarm is raised.

Lee England at Canary Wharf Shopping summed up the success of the project, “The Estate Alert solution is ideal for our communication needs. The system has scope far beyond that which we are utilising initially. We look forward to the benefits of a long-term partnership with Multitone.”

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28 Oct 2019

Safeguarding staff and patients at Capio Maria Clinic

Case Study

Capio Maria Clinic in Stockholm, Sweden, is a drug and alcohol dependency treatment facility that offers both residential and day care services. Like any medical facility, excellent communications are vital for the successful operations of the clinic and due to the potentially challenging nature of this environment, it is essential that Capio Maria’s patients and staff are protected during any incident.

The Need
The legacy staff alert system at Capio Maria Clinic had a number of limitations in terms of operations, maintenance and expansion potential. The system was based on ultrasound receivers installed on a wired communication platform, with the location of the fixed receiver providing the staff positioning alarm. When an alarm was raised, staff across the site would be notified via a spoken message through strategically placed speakers. Though effective, it was very disruptive

The Clinic made the decision that it needed a modern approach to its Nurse Call and Staff Protection and discussed the requirements with LOTS Security AB, its selected supplier of critical communications since 1995. Following an in-depth consultation, LOTS Security specified Multitone’s two-way wireless Staff Protection and Nurse Call system, EkoTek®.

The Solution
EkoTek® was installed across seven wards, on four floors, through organised operational groups and zones, and encompassed 200 EkoTek® messenger devices and over 400 network repeater beacons.

Peter Emanuelsson, Product Manager at LOTS Security, commented, “EkoTek® is the perfect solution for this project as it provides a wireless network that is straightforward to install and covers all the critical wards and floors for staff protection. “Staff can call for help at the touch of a button, with a precise location given to the responder through the EkoTek® self-healing mesh network. This ensures that a call for help is always available and can be summoned discreetly and rapidly.”

To meet existing staff expectations and to accommodate legacy practices of responding to audible alarms at the Clinic, the staff messenger devices have been tailored to provide audible alerts as well as text messages. This ensures the different call requests and responses are immediately recognisable depending on the alarm type – from a staff attack to a request for assistance or a patient call.

As well as locating staff when they make an attack alarm or assistance call, the repeater units also act as a Nurse Call point. This can either be via a call fob that is given to a patient, or via motion detectors, door alarms or other peripheral linked equipment.

The Result
The wireless EkoTek® system gives staff far more freedom to move around the Clinic, whilst having the reassurance that they can summon help whenever required. Furthermore, the installation and maintenance of the system is far less disruptive to the operations of the facility.

The new messengers allow busy staff to differentiate the type of call (and level of severity) based on the sound patterns coming from the device, without the need to look at the display screen. This is especially useful for confirming when help has been dispatched to staff in a difficult or compromised position.

Peter Emanuelsson concluded, “The new EkoTek® solution offers Capio Maria Clinic a robust, reliable and highly flexible wireless staff protection and Nurse Call system. Its location abilities and easy-to-use mobile devices help the facility to effectively ensure the safety of its patients and staff.”

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17 Oct 2019

The District Court Lübeck improves staff safety

Lübeck is a city in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany, and one of its major ports. The District Court of Lübeck is responsible for a wide range of enforcement matters including serious criminal and civil cases, plus appeals and complaints from local district courts.

The Need
The courts in Lübeck attract large visitor numbers, and concerns have been raised regarding the how to ensure the continued safety of both their employees and visitors.

The Solution 
Multitone Germany was asked to review, plan and implement a comprehensive personal security system, to cover three locations in Lübeck.  Multitone recommended its patented personal security system EkoTek®, with the installation of 400 radio cells to create the necessary staff protection. This was further enhanced by linking the 3 properties through a series of LAN repeaters, which were networked into the Courts’ own LAN.

Staff now have access to belt or pocket worn user-friendly mobile emergency alarm devices, plus strategically placed fixed emergency call points. Within seconds of an alarm, the position of the guards is transferred to colleagues with other EkoTek® mobile devices, plus a central office or even escalated to external services.

The Result
The result is a solution that ensures the security and delivery of time-critical emergency messages to the courts staff and security guards.  Assistance can now be initiated immediately with responders directed to alarm location.

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Multitone is a specialist in the development and delivery of bespoke, highly resilient, integrated messaging solutions.  We enable organisations to optimise efficiency, reduce costs and improve organisational effectiveness.

We support our clients and partners with a consultative approach to the evaluation of key project deliverables, ensuring clients receive the best communication solutions aligned with their organisation's strategy. Our flexible solutions enable an organisation’s communication strategy to evolve over time without being restricted by the constraints and inherent costs associated with proprietary systems; new technologies and operational requirements can easily be accommodated within the system architecture.

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