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ZILMONT, s.r.o.

Janosikova 20, 01001 Zilina
Telephone +421 41 5622314
Fax +421 41 5252900

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.05  Safety equipment and facilities for the workplace
  • 01.05.01  Height guards, fall protection
  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.05  Safety equipment and facilities for the workplace
  • 01.05.02  Personal safety installations and equipment

Our products

Product category: Personal safety installations and equipment

Dynamic Ropes

With the Gilmonte dynamic ropes we go further than others. We constantly work on improving their performance and user comfort. Your attention will be captured by perfect handling, modern design, vivid colours and the original patterns. Our ropes
bring you high safety together with more joy and pleasure.

We have succeeded to get a perfect balance by using cutting edge technologies and processing the first-class synthetic materials. Optimal impact force and low weight at the achieved diameters
are strong traits of each product.

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Product category: Personal safety installations and equipment, Height guards, fall protection

Static ropes

Each meter of Gilmonte rope is made with emphasis to meet requirements of its mission. In case of static ropes, we focus the most on safety, long lifespan and very high comfort of manipulation. Compactness, low weight, low value of working elongation and excellent knotability are the main features of our ropes. Work in heights, lifesaving in extreme conditions, discovering of the unknown and extreme areas of the Earth – for all of these missions we offer our static rope product lines.

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Product category: Personal safety installations and equipment

Accessory cords

A very useful multifunctional cord for all climbers. This cord is suitable for static loading only. It is also ideal component for work in heights or evacuation actions. They are used as connecting elements between the belaying system and the rope. Accessory cord is commonly used in rock climbing for making prussik loops or re-slinging old pieces of hardware. Accessory cord is definitely not suitable for climbing and should not be confused with a dynamic climbing rope.

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Product category: Personal safety installations and equipment, Height guards, fall protection

Special ropes and cords

A special rope with aramid sheath, that resists to the temperature up to 400°C for a short-time. This rope is certified according to the internal company regulation that declares the rope parameters in accordance with EN 1891 typ A except the impact force.

ARAMID Accessory cords
High strength aramid cord is dedicated for the special purposes. Aramid yarn provides opportunity to use this cord in the temperatures up to 400°C for a short-time period. It also improves the abrasion resistance of the cord and provides better strength.

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Product category: Height guards, fall protection, Personal safety installations and equipment

Slings and Tapes

PAD Open Slings CE 1019/EN 795/EN566
A light but strong sling offers versatile usage for the outdoor activities. It is often used for everyday cragging and anchor-building.

PAD Power Tube Tape CE 1015/EN 565:2006
It is a flat and robust tubular webbing with a nice handling feeling. It is a very useful component with a wide variaty of usage for climbers as well as for other fields.

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Company news




Oct 3, 2019

UDP-ECO2 Gilmonte PFC free water repellent treatment

PFC free water repellent
ECO2 – PFC-Free & Low Energy Process
We are one of the first worldwide manufacturers of ropes, who has been successful in the development of the demanding technology of rope impregnation without the use of materials containing non-ecological and unhealthy *PFC compounds, which are used in present-day to achieve the permanent water-repellent treatment of synthetic fibers employed in the outdoor industry.
Our new UDP treatment meets the strict criteria of the UIAA norm on water-repellent testing. The level of water absorption measured according to the methods of UIAA norm 101 for the water-repellency test ranges from 1.5% to 3% depending on the type of rope. For the rope to meet the requirement of the UIAA norm the level of water absorption must be less than 5%.

Most of the ropes sold worldwide which comply with the UIAA norm criteria on the water-repellency test are, as of today, treated solely with products containing harmful PFC C6 or C8 compounds.  
The nature of our new UDP treatment is a thorough, in-depth and whole-rope procedure in a way that every filament of fiber is treated. This idea is not groundbreaking however the way of doing so is quite demanding so that while following with the procedure the treatment is permanent and on the whole length of the rope in the required quality.

Our development team has been successful in the development of effective and less energy demanding method to achieve excellent water-repellent values while being Eco-conscious.
The energy demand of the process of application and activation is 30% less in comparison with the standardly used process.

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