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Corporate Fashion

Viking Rubber Company A/S

Johan Rantzaus Vej 6, 5600 Faaborg
Telephone +45 6261 8098
Fax +45 6261 8619

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A+A 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand A24

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A+A 2019 fairground map: Hall 3


Steffen Kraszon

Viking Rubber Co. Deutschland

+49 (0) 173 182 650 4


Beke Netzeband

Sales Germany
Viking Rubber Co. Deutschland

+49 (0) 173 182 650 4


Per Larsen

Sales UK & Denmark
Viking Rubber Co. A/S

+45 2083 3284


SALES TEAM Viking Rubber Co.

+45 6261 8098


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.26  Warning clothing
  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.27  Weather protection clothing
  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.02  Corporate Fashion/Identity/Image Wear
  • 01.02.02  Corporate Fashion

Our products

Product category: Weather protection clothing

Rain- and workwear by Viking Rubber Co.

Viking Rubber Co. is designing and producing rain- and workwear for the industry, fishing, building and many more different customers.
Rain wear by Viking Rubber Co. is made with a special focus on quality. This means that our workwear will hold, no matter what you will wear it for. The work wear is certified with the EN343 certification, a certification showing waterproofness.
For example, the Flex collection is extremely durable and is used by companies which work with Christmas trees. Because of a high water-column pressure Primeur and other strong rubber workwear are perfectly made for the work on water or for cleaning (e.g. big tanks). In the same way as traditional rubber wear, Primeur is made from PVC.
All products in this category are waterproof and provide strong resistance against rain and wind. Furthermore, the products are very abrasion resistant.
The abrasion resistance has been important for fishermen ever since. Therefore, quality conscious fishermen and women are relying on the brand Viking Rubber Co. when they need rain jackets or rain trousers. The category of rain wear is not only consisting of PVC wear, but also PU wear. PU wear is weighing less and is very suitable against minor showers, for example on the construction site.

We are looking forward to speaking to you about our rain wear on the A+A 2019. Of course, you can always contact us prior to the fair. Just give us a call. Join us on our booth at Hall 3 / A24.

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Product category: Warning clothing

High visibility clothing by Viking Rubber Co.

Viking Rubber Co. provides you with high-quality hivis clothing which is certified with the EN ISO 20471 certification. We call our high visibility collection EVOSAFE.
Normal reflectors are not enough for road worker, employees in logistics and everyone else who need to be seen in daylight and at night.
If they are wearing high visibility clothing instead, they are safe because they will be seen at any time. This is because high visibility clothing is made from fluorescent-colored textile and with the right reflectors.
Renowned customers like Heathrow Airport, Billund Airport, HHLA and Eurogate are relying on our hivis workwear.
We are looking forward to give you more information and further guidance on our products. You can meet us at our fair booth in Hall 3 / A24 or you just give us a call even before the fair. Let’s catch up at A+A 2019!

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Product category: Corporate Fashion

EVOBASE and EVO35 by Viking Rubber Co.

EVOBASE, workwear for the industry.
A whole collection for companies being active in different kinds of industry. All you need to highlight the professionality you and your colleagues represent. With EVOBASE, you are standing out from competitors, and you are representing your company’s identity.
In short, this is the workwear you need for your warehouse department or when working in logistics or production.
Fit, functionality and quality are three keywords we took into account when we developed the EVOBASE collection. It took a long time and effort to develop the right fit for our work trousers, but we got it done. We receive excellent feedback from our customers who tried both trousers and work jacket.

EVO35, fancy and abrasion-resistant workwear.
EVO35 is made for those who want to set themselves apart from the crowd. If you choose workwear from our collection, you will be sure not to be similar to others. Are you searching for workwear with the right functionality and the best fit? – EVO35 is exactly the right choice.

Even though you are craftsman, today there are many requirements on safety. This makes it a requirement that you are wearing highly visible safety wear in some situations.
Since work trousers are the most important piece for every craftsman, we suggest making sure you get excellent trousers. The fit of EVO35 trousers is developed in cooperation with some of Europe‘s leading airports. Airport employees are the perfect testing group when developing the fit because they work in various body positions. For sure, the airport staff does not know what it means to work as a craftsman and which features are required when doing so.
Because of this, we developed the functionality of the EVO35 work trousers together with craftsmen themselves. This means you can be sure to get everything you need in your workwear. Removable hanging pockets are especially important, so you will be able to use the whole EVOLUTION collection in your company. You won’t need to make any compromise when dressing unified.

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Product category: Weather protection clothing

Extreme Access - made for those who climb

Extreme Access is a very special Viking Rubber Co. product. This clothing is made for workers who climb extreme heights through rope access, no matter what weather it is.

The set is consisting of bib trousers and a jacket, but it is easy to combine the two pieces to a whole suit which protects you against wind and rain. When you are working high above the ground you need to have all gear within arm's length. Therefore, we put several pockets on the Extreme Access clothing so you can be sure to have everything ready when needed. The pockets can be closed by Velcro so you won't lose any screws, bolts or similar.

Extreme Access is the best weather protection for rope access. Many partners rely on our expertise in this type of specialized clothing. These partners are working in different industries, e.g. windmill industry, height rescue, etc.

Make sure to visit our booth A24 in hall 3. We are looking forward to present our Extreme Access suit for you!

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Company news



15 Aug 2019

Viking Rubber Co. vertreten auf der MOSAiC Expedition des Alfred-Wegener-Instituts zur Arktis.

Die weltgrößte Arktisexpedition jemals – die MOSAiC Expedition startet im September diesen Jahres. Das deutsche Forschungsschiff „Polarstern“ segelt von Tromsø in Norwegen in Richtung Norden, um für ein Jahr im Eis festzufrieren. Viking Rubber begleitet die gesamte Expedition mit ihrer spezialangefertigten Polarkleidung, die die Forscher tragen, wenn sie in der extremen Kälte arbeiten.

Das dänische Unternehmen Viking Rubber Co aus Faaborg ist dabei, wenn die bis dato größte arktische Forschungsexpedition „MOSAiC“, von Tromsø in Norwegen aus im September 2019, aufbricht. Das Forschungsschiff „Polarstern“ soll im Nordpolarmeer für ein ganzes Jahr festfrieren, um Eis, Klima sowie das Ökosystem zu erkunden und zu untersuchen wie das Packeis im Verlauf des Jahreswandert. Sechs Forscherteams, bestehend aus insgesamt 17 Nationen, sind Teil dieser großen Mission.
Auf einer derartigen Expedition braucht es passende Kleidung, die auf die Arbeitsverhältnisse – bei -40°C – zugeschnitten ist. Viking Rubber Co hat die Arbeitsbekleidung, die einige der circa 600 Menschen, die im Laufe des Jahres an der Mission beteiligt sind, speziell designt.
Alexander Mygind Andersen, Geschäftsführer und Business Development Manager von Viking Rubber Co.
„Für uns war es eine besondere und spannende Aufgabe, die Bekleidung für diese Mission zu entwickeln und zu produzieren. Die Kleidung muss nicht nur unseren gewohnten Anforderungen an Scheuerbeständigkeit, Sicherheit und Flexibilität standhalten, sondern ebenfalls die Menschen bei extremen Minusgraden warmhalten. Dafür haben wir Alles neu gedacht, von innen nach außen untersucht und die Materialen erneut genau unter die Lupe genommen. Es ja entscheidend, dass die Bekleidung nicht nur warmhält, sondern eben auch komfortabel und nicht steif oder schwer ist. Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut, das hinter der Expedition steht, war am gesamten Entwicklungsprozess beteiligt und hat uns sehr detaillierte Anforderungen an die Kleidungsentwicklung gestellt.“

Die Vorbereitungen nahmen mehrere Jahre in Anspruch, unter anderem die Entwicklung der Arbeitsbekleidung. Die ersten Polaranzüge wurden auf kleineren Expeditionen getestet und genehmigt – beispielsweise auf einer Expedition zur Antarktis/Südpol in 2018/2019.

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About us

Company portrait

Our vision is to research and to find out what the workwear of the futureshould look like. We want to do so with the people who are wearing the workwear – you.
Viking Rubber Co. A/S is designing, producing and delivering high-quality rain and workwear. Since 1935 our clothing is famous for its’ comfort and fit.

Take a look yourself! With a visit to our booth – Hall 3 / A24. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our mission is to develop, manufacture and deliver; safety, comfort and quality workwear in a human way.

Company data

Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1935
Area of business Textile services
Target groups
  • Work safety specialists (safety engineers and technicians)
  • Safety officers
  • Purchasing, procurement
  • Fire and disaster prevention officers