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SafeStart Europe Limited

5 Cedar Crescent Cedar Park, Newport Rd., F28 YT32 Westport, County Mayo

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Our products

Product category: Safety training

What is SafeStart?

SafeStart addresses unintentional human error and critical safety habits, thereby reducing risk and the probability of injury. The most successful advanced safety awareness programme worldwide, SafeStart has been implemented in more than 60 countries and been found to reduce injuries by 30-70% within a short time frame. SafeStart does not seek to replace other safety programmes or processes used in the (over 3,000) companies that have embraced the programme; rather it has dramatically accelerated and enhanced ongoing efforts to reduce incidents in tandem with those approaches.

How SafeStart Works

Avoiding the unintentional mistakes that can produce injuries is about maintaining an alert attitude and ensuring that any hazards are kept both in sight and in mind, in real time, particularly when the risk is greatest. Unlike other approaches to safety, it is not about policy or procedures, or indeed specific hazards.

Why is this? Well, knowing about a hazard is not much use to an individual distracted at the very moment attention needs to be paid. SafeStart develops an understanding of how an injury-causing error can come about as well as a practical approach that obviates such errors before they can cause harm.

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Product category: Safety training

Injury Reduction

A perennial challenge for organisations and firms around the globe is that of how best to decrease accidents and reduce injury rates. Over the long term, the traditional methods have served industry well and delivered significant injury reductions. However, the law of diminishing returns applies, and companies find that, at a certain point, improvements begin to tail off and performance plateaus.

More than 3,000 organisations across 60 countries and counting have found that the SafeStart programme has provided the leap forward that has long been needed.

This success stems from the simple application of proven neuroscience-based tools and techniques.

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Product category: Safety training

Culture Change

The best companies are ones where employees care about interests beyond their own and connect deeply to the meaning of their work. This leads to a healthy culture within the organisation, with the safety of all concerned a paramount value.

For supervisors and safety managers, SafeStart provides practical strategies and skills to secure worker support when it comes to safety. A common vision that is rooted in the SafeStart methodology means that the safety culture in an organisation will be both fortified and deepened over the long term.

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About us

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Since 2009 SafeStart has been the number 1 Safety Training Programme in the world. But we’re more than just the safety training programme that has trained over three million people in more than 3,000 companies in 60+ countries. As well as helping individuals and companies to reduce injuries, SafeStart paves the way for a culture change which increases employee engagement, quality and operational efficiency. SafeStart is the crucial first step towards a change of mindset that has the power to keep employees and their families safe at work, at home and on the road. Explore today all the concepts and techniques involved and discover the many benefits SafeStart can bring to your organisation.