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Sitzkrüger Moor 6, 23879 Mölln
Telephone +49 4542 99580-40
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A+A 2019 hall map (Hall 7): stand D15

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A+A 2019 fairground map: Hall 7

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Security at Work
  • 03.14  Transport and vehicle safety
  • 03.14.06  Fenders and bumpers

Our products

Product category: Fenders and bumpers

iFlex™ Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail

Designed to segregate and safeguard pedestrians from moving vehicles and potential workplace hazards both inside and out.

The flexible, energy-absorbing barriers visually define traffic routes, and physically protect pedestrians and drivers if an accident does occur by cushioning and deflecting impact forces.

Ideal for areas where vehicles are in operation and there is a risk of collision.

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Product category: Fenders and bumpers

mFlex™ Single Traffic Barrier Ground Level

Designed to safeguard walls, structures, goods and machinery from hand operated equipment and the wear-and-tear of frequent low energy impacts at near-ground level.

Degrading safety over time, such impacts can damage surfaces, materials and stock, and cause equipment to break down.

The barrier keeps these vehicles and their loads on a required route and prevents them encroaching into protected areas.

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Product category: Fenders and bumpers

iFlex™ ForkGuard™ Kerb Barrier

Purpose-engineered to provide extreme strength protection from vehicle forks. iFlex™ ForkGuards™ defend against damage and injury at ground level, shielding buildings, equipment, walkways and work areas.

Fortified with an exclusive anti-pierce AERO™ core, the iFlex™ ForkGuard™ delivers unprecedented levels of resistance to fork penetration. Reinforced ribbing, multiple internal walls and an interlocking design increases the strength under impact and allows energy to dissipate through the entire system for maximum absorption.

A 60 degree diagonal fixing method enables a seamless retro-fit to existing barrier systems, removing ground level gaps and preventing items protruding under barrier rails and causing damage.

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About us

Company portrait

One of our recent concerns has been addressing the lack of a Code of Practice for Safety Guardrails in workplace environments. With our passion and knowledge of the subject, we have set about rectifying this problem.

Working closely with the British Standards Institute (BSI), and drawing upon our network with the biggest blue-chip companies in the world, we pulled together an expert steering group. We then sponsored, and were the technical authors of PAS 13.

A new, and sorely needed, code of practice to be applied across all sectors and industries.
From polymer extrusion to design engineering, technology innovations to Codes of Practice. We’re proud to be world leaders in every aspect of workplace safety, globally and lo