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Kimry Gorky Factory AO

Pushkin St. 72a, 171507 Kimry
Russian Federation
Telephone +7 482 3622-156
Fax +7 482 3621-497

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A+A 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand C48

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A+A 2019 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.14  Disposable clothing

Our products

Product category: Disposable clothing


TU 696890-005-08625805-2011
TR TS 019/2011

It is a mask with a sight glass and headband, which ensures the fitting of the pneumatic mask (air-line respirator) to the size of the head. The sight glass is spherical.

Respiratory protection coefficient determined by aerosols is not less than 10,000.

Air-line respirator has one common size.

Product weight - no more than – 0.60 kg.

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Product category: Disposable clothing


TU 696891-001-08625805-06

TR TS 019/2011

The product has a certificate from the Burnazyan FMBC, about the possibility of using it in organizations and enterprises of the “Rosatom” State Corporation.

Intended for protection of the basic overalls and separate parts of human skin from contact contamination with radioactive and chemically toxic substances, and from the dropping effect of acids and medium concentration alkalis when performing repair, installation, dismantling, decontamination and other types of work.

Suitable in the painting jobs, in agriculture when working with fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides.

Apron - one-piece, with strings in the neck and waist area.

One standard size in accordance with the drawings

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Product category: Disposable clothing


TU 696890-003-08625805-2011

TR TS 019/2011

The product has a certificate from the Burnazyan FMBC, about the possibility of using it in organizations and enterprises of the “Rosatom” State Corporation.

Are intended for protection of feet and basic footwearfrom contamination with radioactive and chemically aggressive substances (acids, alkalis of average concentration, oxidizers, etc.) at performance of repair, installation, decontamination and other works.

They are used for long-term work in areas with significant surface contamination. The height of the cover is 20 cm. The anti-slip inserts on the sole provide anti-slip protection on any surface. The product is made of thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride film material of the P3 group. The upper edge of the bootleg is pulled together by an elastic band.

Weight of covers (on shoes) with the anti-slip sole -0.31-0.335 kg.

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About us

Company details

JSC “Kimry Gorky factory of individual protection means” founded in 1925, is currently the leading specialized enterprise for the production of personal respiratory protective equipment (PPE) - anti-aerosol and gas-dust respirators - including the widely known respirator ShB-1 “Lepestok”, and the largest producer of personal protective equipment for the respiratory system and skin for work with radioactive and aggressive substances, as well as analytical AFA filters for controlling air-dispersed impurities. Personal protective equipment for the skin and respiratory systemmade of special materials – hose-type devices, special clothing and footwear - designed for work with especially dangerous substances, including radioactive ones, provide protection against the effects of harmful factors accompanying the use of radioactive substances, in particular - chemically aggressive substances: acids, alkalis, oxidants, etc. Since radioactively contaminated personal protective equipment can be a secondary source of contamination, the material and design of these protective meansallows for their multiple effective cleaning.

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