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Dimitrovova 2288/39, 568 02 Svitavy

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A+A 2019 hall map (Hall 7): stand B43

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A+A 2019 fairground map: Hall 7


Marek Hermansky

+420 605 700 603


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.03  Fabrics for protective wear and workwear
  • 01.03.01  Fabrics for protective wear and workwear

Our products

Product category: Fabrics for protective wear and workwear

Technology for gloves

Two layer laminates
Two layer laminates with the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane provide unrivalled removal of moisture from the skin to the environment. Vapor resistance of these laminates starts on the Ret value of 0.6, which was confirmed by an independent testing laboratory Hohenstein Institute! At the same time it retains a sufficiently high water column and a 100% wind resistance. These laminates are intended primarily for winter clothes with an insulated layer or loose lining, e.g. sport jackets or coats.

Height of water column from 5 000 mm
Vapor permeability Ret value from 0,6
Wind resistance 100%

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Product category: Fabrics for protective wear and workwear


Three layer laminates
Three layer laminates with NANOMEMBRANE offer extreme vapour resistance, which depending on the type of material, starts from Ret value of 1.9, while retaining 100% wind resistance and high hydrostatic resistance. This type of laminate is intended primarily for sports and outdoor shoes, but also for fashion shoes that require high moisture removal especially in summer months.

Height of water column from 16 000 mm
Vapor permeability Ret value from 1,9
Wind resistance 100%

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Product category: Fabrics for protective wear and workwear

Technology Nanomembrane

Thanks to a unique nanofibrous structure with the fibre diameter of less than 150 nm, on 1 cm2 the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane has 25% more pores than microporous membranes. This helps the NANOMEMBRANE achieve unique attributes that no other membranes in the world can match. It is no secret that the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane is very similar to human skin, thanks to which NANOMEMBRANE can boast extremely high vapour permeability, i.e. the ability to remove bodily moisture from human skin to the external environment. Vapor permeability of the two layer laminate with nanofibrous membrane is from Ret 0,89. Moreover, the NANOMEMBRANE nanofibrous membrane is 100% wind resistant and it boasts extreme hydrostatic resistance.

Unlike other manufacturers, our company offers not only a choice of our own collection of woven and knitted fabrics, from which we can create a laminate according to your requirements, but we can also laminate on your materials. These materials, however, have to undergo a series of tests. If the material passes all the tests, we can laminate our unique Nanomembrane onto it.

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About us

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The Czech company of NANOMEMBRANE develops unique membrane laminates showing excellent properties such as extremely high steam permeability, resistance to water with a high water column and 100 %resistance to wind. NANOMEMBRANE owns a unique lamination technology and know-how and thanks to it its materials significantly differ from competitors in particular in the field of the ability to drain sweat from the body. Fabric and knitwear used in the production of laminates may be made both of synthetic materials (polyester, polyamide etc.) and natural materials (wool, cotton, silk).

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  • Purchasing, procurement
  • Person, plant and property protection