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Calzaturificio S.r.l.

Contrada Colucci, 154, 72014 Cisternino (BR)
Telephone +39 080 4448422
Fax +39 080 4448364

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  •   Hall 4 / E39

Our products

Product category: Safety shoes

FARINA | 33160 S2 SRC

A brand new model that reinterprets the classic concept of the moccasin.

The elements mainly characterising the design are the padded and elasticized tongue, that perfectly adapts to the instep of each wearer thanks to its morphoanatomical features and the reflective insert on the heel.

Since it is entirely made of water-resistant microfiber, not only can it be machine washed, but this shoe also has excellent performance in terms of breathability.

The composite material safety toecap guarantees protection from the risk of impact and compression, while the inner lining acts against microbes and bacteria and keeps the microclimate inside ideal thanks to the micro-channel technology.

The sole, also a new generation one, obtained the best possible result during the non-slip test and also has a self-cleaning, antistatic and anti-torsion function.

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Product category: Safety shoes

KIPSI | 19900 S3 SRC

The model KIPSI has all the comfort and the design of the TOP SNEAKER line, in the high bootie version.
Its look is characterised by the additional protection for the malleolus and the handy rear tab that facilitates the fit.

KIPSI is equipped with the safety toe cap and the anti-puncture plate made of composite material and it stands out for the ability to grant the wearer the complete freedom of movement.

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Product category: Safety shoes

SHAMAL | 36611 S1 SRC

A really captivating design distinguishes this new low boot whose upper, which is perforated in the front part to increase the internal recycling airflow, is made of crust suede leather.

Thanks to the design of the tread, specially made to ensure maximum non-slip function, the single density PU sole keeps the wearer firmly rooted to the ground.

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Product category: Safety shoes

AUGE S3 | 6417 S3 SRC

The range of the AUGE models has now been extended to include the S3 version, whose upper is made of natural water-resistant leather, so that the shoe is perfectly suitable for outdoor use too.

The protective elements, like the anti-crush toecap and the puncture-resistant sole, are respectively made of composite material and multi-layer polyester fabric in order to keep down the weight of the shoe and thus increase the wearer’s comfort; with the same objective, the collar and the tongue have anatomical padding, while the inner lining has been made with a special fabric which, thanks to the micro-channel technology, guarantees quick release of the water vapour (sweat) while keeping the foot dry and thus healthy.

The Velcro strap makes fitting easier and improves wearability, whereas the sole, equipped with the anti-static and anti-torsion function, guarantees the highest resistance against the risk of slipping. The S3 version of the AUGE model, like the previous ones, is also completely free from metal parts so that it can even be used in controlled environments like airports.

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Product category: Safety shoes

HIJET | 99282 S3 SRC

This new model blends the innovative Quick Lacing System technology, with its adjustable rotation for lacing up, inverse rotation for fine opening and a central button for the immediate total release of the shoe, to the absolute quality of the raw materials and components.

An ultra-resistant and solid shoe with antibacterial and ultra-breathable inner lining. The SRC sole and the additional protection on the toecap assure the shoe exceptional durability in time. The ultra-light and ultra-resistant laces have been designed to ensure constant tension and tightness and replace the traditional shoelace holes and the problems associated to them.

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Product category: Safety shoes

GIULIA | 49060 S3 SRC

Brand new high bootie characterised by the two colour sole whose tread, full of the grooves made of the thermo-polyurethane, ensures excellent slip resistance as well as the antistatic, “self-cleaning” and anti-torsion properties.
The safety toecap and the anti-perforation plate are both made of composite material in order to keep the weight of the shoe down to a minimum and thus increase the wearer’s comfort.
The model GIULIA has the upper made of water-repellent suede leather and embellished with Nylon inserts.
The inner lining is highly breathable so that it allows rapid absorption and release of the water vapour and thus guarantees a healthy environment for the wearer’s foot.

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Product category: Safety shoes

BIS | 72532 S3 SRC

A new low model made of water-repellent full-grain leather; the design stands out for the interesting contrasts between the black of the upper and the bright red of the tread, laces and inner lining.
The rear tab makes it easy to put on, while the safety toecap and the anti-perforation plate, which are both made of composite material in order to keep the weight of the shoe down to a minimum and thus increase the wearer’s comfort, make this shoe robust and safe.

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Product category: Safety shoes

MONVISO S3 | 8538 S3 SRC

High lace-up shoes designed to last. The solid and long-lasting characteristics typical of the trekking boots are indeed inherent to this model which is made of water-resistant real leather and provided with steel toe cap and puncture-resistant steel plate.

Comfort, on the other hand, is guaranteed by the collar and the tongue which, thanks to the anatomical padding, ensure the best possible adherence of the foot to the shoe.

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Product category: Safety shoes

MINI | 51150 S1P SRC ESD

Upper made of perforated microfiber for this new sandal whose modern design anticipates the functional innovations that distinguish it. Internally, the “AIRNET” lining with micro-channels technology ensures the best breathability of the foot. COOPER has the new removable insole in “SOFT-GEL” made of thermo-formed antistatic polyurethane and provided with anti-shock insert in the heel region.

Our ESD safety shoes are Personal Protective Equipments specially developed to protect both the wearers and the environment in which they work from electrostatic discharges; ESD stands for ElectroStatic Discharge and indicates the small electric discharge caused by transferring static electricity from one object to another that can form above all because of two different materials rubbing together.

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Product category: Safety shoes


A boot with a decisive look whose main features include, not only the anti-cold fur lining, but principally the completely impermeable natural leather upper with reflecting inserts both on the side profile and on the rear.

The anatomic padding of the collar and the tongue contribute to maintaining a correct posture as well as ensuring greater comfort. The sole, on the other hand, stands out for the presence of the shock-absorbing insert and the plantar arch support.

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About us

Company portrait

PANDA SAFETY started operating 40 years ago, in 1979, in Cisternino, a splendid town in southern Italy where the company set up so as to grow and develop. Furthermore, through research into raw materials and increasingly high-performance components, the Company managed to offer a product whose durability in time is guaranteed. This geographical location is in no way random, on the contrary, it is the result of the strong determination of the founder and current CEO, Luigi Gargiullo, who has always believed in the potential of his own territory. Over the years that followed, PANDA SAFETY continued to increase its own know-how and to evolve, concentrating its product development activity on improving the morpho-anatomical characteristics of the footwear and on perfecting the protective function so that they would be suitable for any working context and thus in contact with any type of surface or material. Thanks to these extremely high standards of quality, typical of Italian excellence, the PANDA SAFETY trademark has earned the trust, over the years, of numerous distributors and final users both domestically and at an international level, being sold in more than 70 countries all over the world. A result which bears witness to the reliability of the PANDA SAFETY product: your ideal partner at work even in the most extreme conditions.