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SHE Solution Bergmann GmbH & Co. KG

Im Sundernkamp 2, 32130 Enger
Telephone +49 5224 9393850, +49 151 14952438
Fax +49 5224 9393852

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A+A 2021 hall map (Hall 6): stand D13

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Anja Bartholdt

0151 14952438


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Components, Sourcing & Services
  • 03.03  Services and consultancies
  • 03.03.01  Medical care and safety regulations in the workplace

Medical care and safety regulations in the workplace

  • 03  Components, Sourcing & Services
  • 03.03  Services and consultancies
  • 03.03.05  Safety training

Our products

Product category: Harnesses / fall protection

Innovation 2021: CLIMBTEC CT-02 fall arrester for LMB rail systems

tested and approved according to:
  • EN 353-1:2014 + A1:2017
  • for LMB fixed ladders Tr280 + CC and Tr273,3 + CC
  • Min. nominal load 50 kg
  • Max. Nominal load up to 150 kg
  • Strap fall arrester under 6KN as maximum acting force
  • 2'th safety device with Trilock karabiner
  • Ladder inclination between 75° and 103.5
  • Operating temperature -40°C - +60°C
  • 2 years storage time
  • 10 years service life
  • RFID transponder 13.56 Mhz
Climbing protection systems are used for fall protection in wind turbines, radio and high-voltage masts, roofs or chimneys with permanently installed ladders.
The LMB safety ladders from Logaer Maschinenbau shine above all in particularly high areas of application with limited space. The production is highly efficient and automated and fulfils the highest requirements of occupational safety.
The CLIMBTEC CT-02 fall arrester was developed for the LMB rail and guarantees the highest running characteristics, enabling an ergonomic ascent and descent.
The Climbtec CT-02 is connected to the user via the fall arrester eyelet of the safety harness. In the event of a fall, the CT-02 locks into the LMB rail and holds the person to be secured. The fall force is reduced to less than 6kN by the integrated energy absorber.
An end safety device is fitted at the entry and exit points of the LMB rail, which prevents the fall arrester from sliding out unintentionally.
The fall arrester and the LMB safety ladder have been tested and certified by independent testing institutes and are approved both for current fixed ladders and for already installed fixed ladders.

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Product category: Height safety


Abseiling, rescue and work equipment according to machinery directive
tested and approved according to
  • Descender device according to EN341:2011 max. abseiling height (up to 2 persons) 300m
  • Rescue lifting device according to EN1496:2017 max. lifting height up to 200m
  • Max. lifting load up to 200 kg (motor-driven)
  • Max. Max. lifting load up to 280kg (by means of lifting ratchet)
  • Work equipment according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • May be operated with any motor drive
  • Lifting function manually with a telescopic lifting ratchet or by means of a hand wheel
  • Patented automatic backstop
  • Descent rate 0.7m/s
In addition to its certification as a rescue device, the SHE Power Drive is also approved as a work tool in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
As a working device, you can use it in places that can only be reached with an aerial work platform, for example. You save enormous costs due to the elimination of additional equipment and your service staff can carry out work such as replacing lamps, repair work on the tower, fastening screws on access ladders, etc. immediately and quickly.

For use as a working device, only training and redundant securing is required.

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Product category: Harnesses / fall protection, Height safety

Innovation 2021: PPE condition monitoring with smart-ppe®

With the proprietary smart-ppe® solution of SHE-Solution you secure your investment in necessary rescue equipment and ensure availability at the same time - worldwide.

It is generally true that operators and equipment suppliers of industrial machines and plants are in global competition and the operability of their plants must be continuously guaranteed. The need for smooth operation and the innovative possibilities of digitalization are elementary drivers for a steady increase in cloud-based monitoring solutions for the operation and monitoring of an industrial plant.

However, it is equally true that in industrial plants where a malfunction or other event could put a human life in immediate danger, prescribed rescue options and/or rescue material must generally be kept on hand and checked at regular intervals. The regular inspection serves not only the concrete protection of humans, but also the protection of the respective operators of a plant against horrendous recourse claims or the permanent shutdown of a plant/operation. With smart-ppe®, SHE-Solution offers a cloud-based PPE condition monitoring solution with which rescue equipment can be constantly checked and monitored.

Based on state-of-the-art LPWA technologies (Low-Power-Wide-Area) and special hardware, the PPE Condition Monitoring with smart-psa® localizes and monitors the rescue equipment worldwide online. For this purpose, the rescue equipment is equipped with a GNSS tracker (Global Navigation Satellite System), which allows worldwide localization. In addition to the position data, built-in sensors record further data such as temperature, humidity, movement or an opening of the packed rescue equipment. Deviations from defined target values are detected by the sensors and, if necessary, immediately signaled by alarm signals.

Example: Rescue equipment in wind turbines

In wind turbines, for example, abseiling and rescue equipment must be kept on hand by the operator to enable rescue in the event of a fire in the nacelle, for example. Regardless of whether they have been used or are stocked exclusively for emergencies in wind turbines, they must be checked annually for their suitability. The SHE RESCUE BARREL® has already succeeded in reducing cost-intensive inspections and investments to the minimum of an annual visual inspection. Based on a proprietary heat treatment process, the SHE RESCUE LIFT is stored in the SHE RESCUE BARREL® absolutely gas-, water- and UV-tight. If no defects are found during the annual visual inspection, a functional test of the device by the manufacturer or a person appointed by the manufacturer, is only required after 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Innovation: PPE condition monitoring with smart-ppe®

PPE condition monitoring with smart-ppe® makes it even easier and more reliable. Not only are the cyclical on-site inspections, especially visual inspections, now redundant, but operators and/or manufacturers know what condition the rescue equipment is in on any given day through PPE condition monitoring with smart-ppe®. At the same time, it gives the certainty that the rescue equipment is where it should be. Without continuous monitoring, you can only assume that rescue equipment is present, undamaged and ready for use on the overseas site to help people and protect you from recourse claims.

Of course, PPE condition monitoring with smart-ppe® is also suitable for other industrial areas and plants where rescue equipment has to be kept ready and additionally has to be checked at regular intervals.

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Product category: Safety training

Innovation 2021: The new training portal

Optimal training - Optimized booking - More safety

As a certified training company, we offer a wide range of occupational safety training courses in accordance with the national guidelines of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the international standards of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO)

We conduct our trainings with experienced trainers in German or English language. Trainings of the SHE-Solution are always close to reality and with concrete reference to the practical work. We conduct training courses in our own training centers, at our partners, at selected wind turbines or at your site. If required, we will of course include your special requirements and/or individual wishes in the concrete design of your training course

Through the development of the SHE-Solution training portal, we have significantly optimized the administrative effort for booking, processing and issuing necessary course certificates (training certificates) for our customers, the course participants and also for us

With the SHE-Solution training portal, we have been mapping the process purely digitally and paperlessly since March 2021: starting with the booking, through your personal confirmation of participation, to the creation and provision of the course certificates. In addition, we have integrated a procedure that allows online verification of the authenticity and validity of your certificate in the simplest way possible. A real advantage is also that, in the event that a course and the associated certificate need to be refreshed, we will notify you of the necessary refresher training automatically and in stages by e-mail.

Our SHE-Solution training portal offers:

Quick and easy booking of courses for individual participants
As a registered user you can quickly and easily book groups of course participants
Display of the course allocation, free places, training location
Immediate confirmation of the booking by e-mail including calendar entry and all detailed information about the booking (contents of the course, location, etc.)
Immediate sending of your personal course certificate for participation after the end of the training course
Step-by-step e-mail reminders of the end of validity of expiring course certificates (certificates)
and more..

These GWO training courses are bookable in the training portal:

Working at Heights (basic courses)
Working at Heights (refresher courses)
Fire Awareness (basic courses)
Fire Awareness (refresher courses)
Manual Handling (basic courses)
Manual Handling (refresher courses)
You can easily book the following training courses based on the DGUV guidelines in the training portal:

PPE against falls from a height (DGUV regulation 112-198/199) (basic course)
PPE against falls from a height (DGUV regulation 112-198/199) (refresher course)
Confined Space Training (basic course)
Confined Space Training (refresher course)
Expert DGUV Principle 312-906 (sub-area PPE)
Qualified person DGUV principle 312-906 (subarea PSA+SZP)
EuP DGUV regulation 3 (Electrotechnically instructed person)
Fire protection assistant according to DGUV Information 205-023

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Product category: Height safety

Abseiling and rescue equipment

Abseiling and rescue hoisting devices which are characterised by safety, speed and optimised effort and which clearly distinguish themselves from other devices on the market. The devices are equipped with a centrifugal brake, which ensures a constant abseiling speed of the person to be rescued. The additional lifting function enables a rescue from a safety rope, a ladder rail or for lifting a person from lower places. The drive during lifting is 1:1 (very fast lifting).
We would be pleased to show you the new generation of equipment "EXTREME CLASS" with a payload of 280kg and a wide range of possibilities.

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Product category: Height safety, Harnesses / fall protection

Safety harness SaferBeast

SaferBeast is an experience!
The optimal balance between safety, functionality, comfort, design and flexibility makes SaferBeast the top product for professional use. SaferBeast is made of Teflon coated harness material in a width of 45 mm and equipped with an ergonomic back support.

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Product category: Height safety, Harnesses / fall protection

SaferConnect one / SaferConnect double

Lanyard with shock absorber
  • according to EN 354 and EN 355
  • Simple and Y- design
  • Min. nominal load 50 kg
  • Max. Nominal load up to 150 kg (depending on subsystem)
  • Tubular webbing - Stretch material
  • Seams with a breaking load > 30 KN
  • strap energy absorber under 6 KN as maximum acting force
  • Trilock karabiner at the lanyard shock absorber
  • steel or aluminim hook at rope end connection
  • opening width 56 mm or 60 mm selectable
  • length 1,50m

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Product category: Height safety

RsqTec Turtle - half stretcher

tested and approved according to EN1497:2007 and EN1865:2015 clause 5.4.1

The rescue stretcher is a combination of means of patient transport and a rescue harness.
It has been developed for the rescue of injured persons from difficult to access areas.
The rescue system is used for horizontal and vertical transport of injured persons from exposed positions for rope and air rescue.
Length 1050mm - width 650mm
Weight 7,5kg
Nominal load 140kg

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About us

Company portrait

When it comes to safety and protection of people at work, SHE-Solution is the right place for you. We are a manufacturer of professional rescue equipment for professional use in industrial environments. Whether for permanent use under extreme situations or for special projects that push you and your personnel to their limits. We offer "the extra safety".
SHE-Solution offers personal protective equipment (PPEgA), fall protection, a variety of safety systems and matching accessories. In addition to products and systems, we conduct professional training in accordance with the current GWO and DGUV standards under practical conditions.
Digitalization represents a special focus for our company. With our new training portal, we have taken the booking and processing of occupational safety training to a new level - simple, fast and straightforward. With the PPE condition monitoring solution smart-ppe®, we offer the solution for worldwide monitoring of rescue equipment. With the smart-ppe® solution you are sure that the rescue equipment is ready for use and is where it should be. Regular checks, even a visual inspection, have become redundant.