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Worsham Mill Minster Lovell, OX29 OTA Oxfordshire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1993 824000, +44 7812 140144
Fax +44 1993 824411

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Daniel Müller-Bosch

General Manager, JSP Safety GmbH

JSP Safety GmbH, Wiesenstraße 57
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

+49 (0) 211 50668449


Alexandre Guilluy

International Business Director
Export Sales

JSP Safety GmbH, Wiesenstraße 57
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

+49 (0) 211 50668449


Pierre Zyromski

International Technical Director
Export Sales

JSP Limited, Worsham Mill
OX29 0TA Minster Lovell, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

+44 (0) 1993 824400


Olivier Soria

Business Unit Director- France, Iberia and Italy
Export Sales

JSP Limited, 19 Rue des Tuiliers
69003 Lyon, France

+33 (0) 4 78 01 76 10


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Product category: Head protection, helmets, Eye protection, safety glasses, Ear protection, Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators

JSP Safety Products (PPE) - Head Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection

Established in 1964, JSP is internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer of innovative ‘above the neck’ Personal Protective Equipment specialising in Head, Eye, Face, Respiratory Protection and Height Safety Products offering high performance, fully compatible safety solutions you can trust.

With continued investment into fully automated manufacturing in 7 factories over 3 continents and with one of the most well-equipped in-house BSI accredited test laboratories, JSP is committed to improving occupational safety, health and well-being of people in the workplace worldwide and has been voted European leader in Industrial Head Protection by Frost and Sullivan.

Significant research and development investment and end-user feedback has enabled JSP to design award-winning PPE that performs to the highest levels in extreme environments, that is intuitive to operate, offering a great fit whilst being lightweight, comfortable and stylish to wear and compatible with other JSP PPE.

Compatibility in PPE is not only about products fitting correctly, but also working correctly when worn together. Some products that fit together are not necessarily compatible in terms of performance. To ensure products are suitable for use in combination, it is best to buy all PPE from the same manufacturer, who have developed the products to work together. JSP PPE is designed to be compatible across the range, offering complete above-the-neck solutions.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets, Eye protection, safety glasses, Ear protection

EVOGuard®M Forestry Helmet System - Helmet & Browguard Mounted Landscaping and Forestry System

The new EVOGuard®M range from JSP has been designed to offer an innovative range of Forestry Helmet and Browguard Systems which provide high levels of protection for use whilst landscaping or carrying out forestry work.

Feedback from users has resulted in JSP’s Research and Development team developing a comprehensive selection of protection which is designed to be strong with balanced weight distribution, essential for a comfortable, safe and secure fit during extensive movement whilst working.

Three high performance forestry visors are available, compatible with both the EVOGuard®M Helmet and the EVOGuard®M Browguard Systems, offering up to 80% visible light transmittance and F impact rating, which can be selected depending on the level of protection needed for the task and the desired price point.

EVOGuard®M Forestry Helmet and Forestry Browguard Systems both feature a secondary layer of integrated eye protection. Factory-fitted to each unit, EVOSpec® polycarbonate retractable eyeshield conforms to EN166.1.F with clear and smoke lens variants available, meaning no need to compromise on eye and face protection.

All these new forestry solutions are designed to be durable, easy to clean and maintain even after the most arduous tasks. The EVOGuard® range has been specifically designed to maximise compatibility and be certified with a range of JSP PPE, including EVO® helmet models as well as the Force®8 PressToCheck™ respirator, Springfit™ disposable masks and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets, Eye protection, safety glasses, Ear protection

EVOGuard®C Industrial Helmet Mounted & Browguard Visor System

JSP’s new premium range of high-performance EVOGuard™ Industrial Helmet Visors offer  ‘A rated’ high energy impact protection (190m/s) when fitted to JSP’s Evolution® range of Safety Helmets. The visors will also provide a useful covering to the face against coughs and sneezes and prevent workers from touching their eyes and face to help work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Designed with a host of features by the JSP in house Research and Development team, this range of high-performance visors are very easy to fit, provide maximum comfort and protection with simple, effortless maintenance.

Offering a panoramic Optical Class 1 view, the EVOguard® range of Helmet Visors, models C1, C2, C4 and C5 will also filter harmful UV radiation to protect the eyes whilst also offering high light transmission and enhanced colour recognition.

The EVOguard® C1 and C2 visors provide comprehensive facial coverage with a visor length of 185mm and the C4 MAX and C5 MAX option offer enhanced coverage of 215mm visor length with integral chinguard protection.

All the EVOguard® Industrial Helmet visors are fully compatible with JSP half masks, disposable respirators, prescription glasses and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range.

For Electric Arc Protection, choose the EVOGuard® C5 MAX which meets the requirements of GS-ET-29, providing eye and face protection against a risk of a fault arc: GS-ET-29 Class 1, 4kA (155KJ/m² or 3.7 cal/cm²).

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Product category: Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators

JSP Respiratory Protection - Disposable Masks, Half-Masks, Full-face Masks, Powered Air Respirators

JSP Respiratory Protection - Disposable Masks, Half-Masks, Full-face Masks, Powered Air Respirators

  • Springit™ Disposable Masks
  • Force®8 Half-Mask with PressToCheck™ Filters
  • Force®10 Full Face Mask with PressToCheck™ Filters
  • Powercap® Infinity® PAPR
  • Jetstream® Switch & Go™

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Product category: Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators

JSP Force®8 Half-Mask and PressToCheck™ Filters - Respiratory Mask, EN 140, EN 143, EN 14387,

The  JSP® Force®8 half mask fitted with PressToCheck™ Filters is a world leading respiratory protection solution due to its integral face-fit checking which enables wearers to check their face-fit every time they put on their mask.

The Force®8 twin cartridge half mask with Typhoon™ valve made from silicone performs well at very low temperatures tested to -40OC and offers superior low breathing resistance resulting in increased user comfort. The fully adjustable 4-suspension cradle harness with quick release buckles ensures an effective facial fit.

The JSP’s award-winning PressToCheck™ filters are more than 99.95% efficient, providing protection against particulates, many gases and vapours in the workplace. The system allows the face mask to be correctly fitted and checked at every donning, and throughout the day, to ensure an optimum face fit is achieved.

Choosing a mask without this feature such as a disposable paper mask, you could run the risk of inward leakage around the mask. Inhaling inwardly-leaked hazardous air could endanger wearers’ long term health.

The Force®8 mask with PressToCheck™ filters are completely compatible with other face-protection equipment. The low-profile, swept-back registered design enables excellent visibility, allowing the filters to be worn effectively behind all types of faceshield and welding visor.

The Force®8 Half-Mask comes in three sizes, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection for any gender and shape of face, in any region. Choose JSP® Force®8 half masks with PressToCheck™ Filters with their built-in face-fit checking solution for complete confidence in a safer future.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets, Eye protection, safety glasses, Ear protection, Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators

JSP Powercap® Infinity® PAPR - 4 in 1 Fully Integrated TH3 Powered Air Respirator - EN397, EN12941, EN166, EN352,

A fully integrated TH3 powered air respirator offering 4 of the highest levels of protection in one intuitive head mounted unit. Giving the wearer complete above the neck 4 in 1 protection. PowerCap® Infinity®, the perfect choice for many industries where dust poses a great danger to health. The unit provides the very latest in Powered Air Purifying Respiratory technology, combining decades of innovation from JSP in the fields of respiratory, head, eye and face protection.

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Product category: Ear protection

JSP Sonis® Premium Ear Defender Range - EN352, SNR 37, SNR 32, SNR 31, SNR 27,

The Sonis® range of ear defenders has been designed by the JSP R&D team. Working with a leading UK acoustic engineering research facility JSP have developed an ear defender range that peaks at an unbeaten 37dB SNR.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets, Eye protection, safety glasses, Ear protection, Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators

JSP-GO™ Interactive Retail Packaging Range - Multi-Language Safety Product (PPE) Packaging Solution

Let’s face it, we have all been dazzled by choice. JSP, an international manufacturer of safety products (PPE) has come up with a great solution with their new range of JSP-GO to help you make an informed choice. Selecting the right safety protection is essential to protect oneself properly against hazards.

The new JSP-GO range is packaged in stylish pouches which inform the customer using intuitive icons and a link to interactive multi-language guides online providing support in order to choose the right PPE for the task. The large eye-catching imagery and engaging icons on the packaging depict the features and benefits of each product to help people to decide between each model within the JSP ranges of Head, Eye, Hearing and Respiratory Protection.

One of the great advantages of this range is retailers can sell the products to multiple nationalities and countries as customers can understand the online guides by selecting to read them in their own language. Simply scan the QR code on the packaging linking directly to where online guides are available in 12 languages, this can be done easily on a mobile phone whilst on the retail premises. 

The JSP-GO online guides on the website explain suitable uses for the product, how to use the product correctly and safely as well as an explanation of the international standards the product meets. Linked to the products are demonstration videos with step-by-step instructions on fitting the safety products offering helpful practical advice.

The JSP-GO retail pouches double up as a storage unit to protect the safety product when not in use and the re-sealable element of these pouches means that they are not single-use plastics and they will last the lifetime of the product itself.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets, Eye protection, safety glasses

JSP EVO®VISTA® - Industrial Safety Helmet - EN 397, EN 166,

The new EVO®VISTA® Helmet is an innovative next generation feature rich helmet which incorporates a fully retractable optical class 1 faceshield or overspec within the helmet.  JSP’s Research and Development team were inspired by feedback received from people who regularly have to wear head protection alongside eye protection. A common theme was not only the compatibility issue but also the amount of eyewear lost or damaged on site after issue.

The EVO®VISTA® Helmet has not only been designed to meet a standard but to exceed it on many levels. It combines a super strong ABS shell with the choice of either a EVO®VISTAlens® or an EVO®VISTAshield® depending on the levels of protection and performance required.

The EVO®VISTAlens® functions like a spectacle but offers increased levels of protection to EN 166B 2C-1.2 FT and the EVO®VISTAshield® conforms to EN 166 2C-1.2 with impact rating of grade AT. Both are optical class 1 and have anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings offering impact protection at extreme temperatures and UV protection.

The new technology of the fully adjustable pivot arms in the EVO®VISTA® Helmet allows the lens and shield to be deployed outwards and over prescription spectacles unlike similar systems that require helmet adjustment to fit.

JSP prioritise the needs and safety of the wearer and the safety cell concept of the EVO®VISTA® Helmet with the dual shell technology demonstrates this commitment by providing additional protection. The safety cell prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and being in contact with the scalp as well as preventing the faceshield or overspec from impacting the scalp should it be forced back on impact.

The EVO®VISTA® Helmet is fully compatible with JSP respirators such as the Force®8 PressToCheck™ and the Sonis® helmet-mounted ear defender range. The benefits of having eyewear integrated into the helmet which is fully retractable and protected from scratching when not in use, easily deployed when needed and fits anyone with prescription spectacles will save companies money, time and worry.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets

JSP EVO®5 Dualswitch™ Industrial Safety & Climbing Helmet - EN 397, EN 12492, EN 50365, ANSI / ISEA Z89.1

JSP's EVO®5 Dualswitch™ is certified to both EN 397 and EN 12492 on one certificate, with the ability to change between the two standards easily at the flick of a switch. This changes the retention strength of the helmet’s fully adjustable 4-point chinstrap to give conformity to either the Construction Helmet EN 397 or the Climbing Helmet standard of EN 12492 for working at height.

Simply flick the switch up when working at ground level to give the chinstrap a release force between 15-25kg for EN 397 so the helmet can release if snagged or switch down to give the chinstrap a release force of greater than 50kg for EN 12492 to limit the risk of losing the helmet in a fall from height.

The patent pending EVO®5 Dualswitch™ meets all requirements of the ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type I Class C for helmet safety as well as the Canadian CSA Z94.1-05 Type 1 Class C standards. EN 397 and EN 12492 standards are also met with the robust Expanded Polypropylene liner for class leading impact protection, as are the EN 50365 requirements for electrical insulation when the chinstrap is set to EN 397 position. It will also meet the optional requirements of the EN 397 standard for lateral deformation and use in low temperatures.

The EVO®5 safety helmet features an extremely robust ABS shell designed for superior protection and an easy to use Revolution® wheel ratchet with a 3D adjustment harness, which offers 1-2-3 point depth settings for a perfect fit. The distinctive five stripe design and the JSP shield shape is a registered badge of trade origin and internationally recognised as a mark of quality.

Universal attachment slots enable fitting of the many Surefit™ helmet accessories JSP offer, including safety visors, Sonis® ear defenders and the Evospec® integrated eyewear. CR2™ reflective material can be added to increase worker visibility.

The JSP's EVO®5 Dualswitch™ is the perfect choice for Construction workers or those Working at Height such as cellular and wind energy technicians, tower climbers, rescue workers and many people working in industrial production facilities where climbing for maintenance is required such as petrochemical sites, gas production facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing sites.492).

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Product category: Head protection, helmets

JSP Hardcap Aerolite® - Lightweight Full Shell Bump Cap Range - EN 812,

The HardCap AeroLite® from JSP is the lightest, best performing, full shell Bump Cap on the market weighing less than 135g without compromising on performance. It is designed to be worn in work environments where there is a risk of impact to the front, top and also scrapes to the side of the head from stationary objects.

The sleek textile cover has large open weaved panels to facilitate the transfer of cool air to the head reducing heat build-up and discomfort making it one of the coolest caps on the market. Underneath the textile cover is a tough HDPE shell and a lightweight EPP impact liner offering class leading impact performance.

The Polygiene® treated sweatband and foam-cushion comfort pads guard against the growth of bacteria, fungus and mildew reducing skin irritations and odours and therefore requiring less washing. The Polygiene® treatment is permanent and effective for the lifetime of the product.

Tested to BS EN 812, the HardCap AeroLite® consistently exceeded its requirements, recording an average transmitted force of just 5kN – well below the maximum 15kN allowed by the standard. It was also successfully tested at temperature extremes of -40°C and +50°C, making it the best-performing full-shell bump cap on the market. Adjustable to fit head sizes from 53cm to 63cm and available in black or blue, with either a 50mm or 25mm peak.

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Product category: Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators

JSP Springfit™ Disposable Dust Masks with Integrated Structural Comfort FFP2, FFP3, EN149,

The SpringFit™ fold flat disposable mask achieves an unrivaled secure fit with the use of a unique endoskeleton structure. SpringFit™ introduces an abundance of features that maximise fit, comfort, compatibility and performance. Conforms to: EN149

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Product category: Ear protection

Sonis® Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders for JSP Evolution® Safety Helmets - EN397, EN352,

Sonis® Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders have been designed, developed and certified to be compaitble with the JSP Evolution® Range Safety Helmets.

The Sonis® range has been stylishly designed with a traffic light colour code for easy identification. Materials have been chosen for both performance and comfort for extended periods of use.

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Product category: Eye protection, safety glasses

Swiss One Safety - Evolution® Optical range - RX / Prescription Safety Eye Wear - Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, RX Inserts, JSP

Because at Swiss One we know that safety is your priority, and adapted and quality equipment is essential to protect your employees, we created the Swiss One Evolution Optical range. A 100% integrated service that combines safety eyewear and your optical requirements. See reverse for full process details.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets

JSP Height Safety Products & Training - Fall Protection, Fall Arrest, Harnesses, Karabiners, Lanyards,

JSP Ltd is one of the UK’s most highly-specialised vendors of products and courses for working and rescue at height. We constantly strive to provide professional solutions for our customers within fall prevention, evacuation and rescue at height.

Every detail of the range, which includes top-quality harnesses, lanyards, restraint systems, lifelines, retractable fall limiters, rescue equipment, full specialist kits and accessories, has been meticulously thought through from start to finish. Quality, comfort, style and affordability are its hallmarks.

JSP’s new collection of harnesses and lanyards covers everything needed for working safely at height, from the Spartan™ economy range, ideal for occasional and short term use, through to the Pioneer™ mid-range, and then through to the premium K2™ collection, which conforms to the highest standards of technology, comfort, safety and ergonomic design.

Training is a crucial part of compliance. Employers must understand how to plan and manage work at height safely, and workers can carry it out without causing harm to themselves or to others.

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Product category: Head protection, helmets, Eye protection, safety glasses, Ear protection, Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators

JSP DigiHUB - Knowledge at your fingertips! - Bring PPE to life with the new interactive DigiHUB from JSP

The DigiHUB is an innovative new knowledge and asset platform from JSP that allows you to safely explore, learn and share the core range of JSP products with your customers and supply them with all the technical information they need to select JSP with confidence as their trusted PPE provider.

Products can be selected by name, range and standard, or by industry and task using the interactive “3D-landscape”. Simply click on the product to see the three-dimensional rotating image of the product showing a short description of the product and its key features alongside the JSP product code. View the list of product specifications, certificates of conformity and understand the standard the product conforms to, with useful ‘How to Fit’ videos and frequently asked questions. Learn which accessories will fit and which products are compatible with each other to offer the right solution to suit your safety requirements.

Generate the product’s Technical Specification with the click of a button. All data can then be e-mailed as a record of selection. Branding of Logos available in the Head and Ear Protection sections. 

JSP DigiHUB brings PPE to life, complete with the knowledge you need at the touch of a button, available on touchscreen, computer, tablet and mobile both on and offline.

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Company news



16 Sep 2021

Leading the way in PPE Excellence with new Product Guides

JSP, Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of PPE has launched a new set of Product Guides showcasing the latest innovations from their popular PPE ranges alongside the full comprehensive range for each type of PPE.

Complete with information on selection of the correct PPE, overviews of performance and testing standards, and detailed technical information, the guides provide a wealth of information enabling users to understand the hazards faced, assess risks in order to select the right protection, and put the appropriate measures in place by developing a PPE programme.

Further information about JSP’s ISO9001 BSI approved test-houses and Quality Assurance Laboratories in each manufacturing facility is shown in each guide explaining the rigorous testing which is carried out for each category of PPE under the BSI Kitemark scheme for products.

For each range, the product guide provides advice on the correct fitting of PPE and shows which products and accessories are compatible with each other, to offer a complete solution to suit individual safety requirements.

JSP’s team of Research and Development Engineers continue to design innovative future products for each range, advancing PPE development and technologies. To learn more about JSP’s range of PPE, visit the JSP website and download the latest guides.

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10 Oct 2017


The Directors of the JSP Group of Companies are pleased to announce the formation of JSP Safety GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany. The new company is carrying out investment into a new state-of-the-art manufacturing, logistics and office centre of over 5,000 square metres close to the River Rhine. 

With many exciting new products being launched at this year’s A+A trade show (Düsseldorf 17-20 October), the investment will provide a platform for increased growth, enabling JSP to increase its capacity and meet its long term objectives. 

The company will manufacture JSP’s leading products and technologies in Düsseldorf to support its customers in Germany and the customers of JSP Group in many other markets in Europe and across the World.  With superior ability for product customisation and best in class service levels, both distributors and end users will be reassured respectively to distribute and use JSP products. 

The investment represents a strong commitment from JSP to manufacturing in Germany and recruitment for new employees has started.  

In addition to Manufacturing, there will be extensive Logistics to support customers in addition to Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Technical Support. All activities will operate under JSP’s worldwide Quality Management System to ISO 9001 and batch testing of all manufactured products will take place on site ensuring that JSP’s quality standards are met from day one.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the undersigned to find out more information about this exciting new chapter for the JSP Group with the formation of JSP Safety GmbH, Düsseldorf.

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About us

Company portrait

Established in 1964, JSP® is internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer of innovative 'above the neck' Personal Protective Equipment specialising in Head, Eye, Face and Respiratory Protection.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in 7 factories over 3 continents, JSP® is committed to improving occupational safety, health and well-being of people in the workplace worldwide and has been voted European leader in Industrial Head Protection by Frost and Sullivan. Watch the video »

Through large investment into Research and Development and by listening to end-users, JSP® is constantly taking product development to new levels, designing highly innovative award winning PPE which performs to the highest levels even in extreme environments globally.

JSP® appreciates that PPE needs to be comfortable to wear and ensures their products are lightweight, easy to operate, compatible and are more integrated to fit with other PPE. JSP® safety helmets, hearing products, respiratory and eyewear can be customised according to individual specifications using corporate logos and colour schemes, safety messages, personal names and identity systems.

Company data

Sales volume 50-99 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1964
Area of business
  • Construction industry
  • Trade
  • Person, plant and property protection
  • Other
Target groups
  • Work safety specialists (safety engineers and technicians)
  • Safety officers
  • Purchasing, procurement
  • Works and staff councils
  • Person, plant and property protection
  • Company doctors, occupational health practitioners and psychologists
  • Facility management
  • Planning and construction