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Sicurpal S.r.l.

Via dei Mestieri 12, 41030 Bastiglia

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  •   Hall 6 / B22


Christian Pellacani

Export Manager


+39 3346003992


Alessia Soletti

Marketing Manager

41030 Bastiglia, Italy

+39 059818179


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Security at Work
  • 05.09  Safe equipment and systems
  • 05.09.05  Height safety

Our products

Product category: Height safety


Type C lifelines are the low-cost solution to secure environments that pose a risk of a fall from a height pursuant to standards EN 795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415:2013.

Sicurpal's lifeline range includes different systems to meet most of market demands. 

Sicurpal designs and manufactures its products with extreme attention to quality, choosing materials such as stainless steel and aluminium for components that need to be resistant and long-lasting and low-cost materials such as hot-galvanized steel for those parts less susceptible to chemical corrosion and wear and tear. This way it can provide excellent quality at an affordable price.

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Product category: Height safety

Fixed single-point anchors

A permanent single-point anchor is designed to guarantee a safe access to personnel.

Sicurpal's Type A fixed single-point anchors are manufactured and certified in compliance with standards EN 795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013 and to the Italian standard UNI11578:2015.

To guarantee a longer life to the devices part of this range, Sicurpal uses only high-quality materials like Stainless Steel and aluminium. In addition, special attention is dedicated to the productive process and the geometry of each product, which is designed to maximise resistance while maintaining reduced dimensions. This in turn generates a double advantage - a minimal aesthetic impact and no hindrance when work is being carried out in proximity of the anchor.

Our product range includes:

Roof anchors and posts for all kinds of roofs;
Small or big wall anchors suitable for all kinds of structures;
Designer anchors created for the most aesthetically-demanding applications.
All devices can be painted with the desired RAL colour.

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Product category: Height safety

Temporary anchor points

Type B fall protection anchoring devices are defined as temporary because they can be removed when the work is finished.

Temporary devices must be used in confined spaces and work areas where there is the risk of falling from a height but it is not possible to adopt permanent safety measures.

Some of the specific devices for the access, exit and work in confined environments are tripods, lifting arms, slides and anchoring clamps, which are specifically designed to hold in position and, if necessary, recover people or loads up to 500 kg while maintaining the safety in a danger-free area.

Temporary life lines and anchors are designed to guarantee the safety of operators working in areas where there is the risk of falling from a height and where it is not possible to install permanent for aesthetic or structural reasons.

The above-mentioned devices can be used by operators in charge of installing permanent anchoring devices. 

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Company news



13 Sep 2021

Alurail L rigid rail lifeline

“Lifelines are not all the same: attention to small details creates a simple and quality product.”

Sicurpal srl, manufacturer of lifelines, has designed a new rail fall arrest system that complies with and is certified according to UNI EN 795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013 Type D and UNI 11578:2015 to ensure minimum visual impact and maximum safety.

In the last year, the effectiveness of the system and the high demand have led to the refinement of the Alurail L rigid rail, with the creation of additional accessories for easy installation and maintenance.

Alurail L is designed to increase the ease of use by the operator thanks to the absence of obstacles to be bypassed. Extremely practical thanks to the high smoothness of use and above all safe: it is a more rigid system than a traditional lifeline and allows work in restraint and rope.

The particular conformation of the rail, in compliance with the movement of the trolley, minimizes the pendulum effect in case of fall: indeed, the Alurail L rail trolley ensures perfect vertical alignment during each movement of the operator.

The rail, made of anodized 6060 T6 aluminum, allows to create rigid lifelines with lengths ranging from 2 to 150 m. The optimized shape has been studied and designed to ensure maximum smoothness and high performance on the floor, wall, ceiling and to create spans up to 6 m long. It also guarantees the simultaneous use of up to 4 operators.

The innovative trolley is designed to work at all angles. Its 6060 T6 aluminum body is composed of 6 radial ball bearings and 6 sliding wheels coated in 316 stainless steels: the presence of brass material acts as additional protection against dirt and dust. The upper anchorage of the trolley allows a working angle of 180° on the axis perpendicular to the rail.

Where can it be used?
Thanks to its conformation and functionality, it is possible to apply the Alurail L rail with fixed and self-supporting portals and in conjunction with retractor recovery systems. The creation of accessories capable of cleaning and eliminating any incrustations or ice when the trolley passes, means that the track itself does not require extraordinary maintenance.

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13 Sep 2021

Infinity Line

Type A fixed anchors (EN 795:2012) are punctual anchor devices equipped with one or more fixed points to house the connector, without any sliding of the latter. The use of these devices must be combined with category III PPE that do not develop a reaction force greater than 6 kN.

Over the years, Sicurpal has designed and expanded the INFINITY line, Type A anchors simple and small in size with low visual impact. Usable for fixing on wood, steel, reinforced concrete and masonry with threaded bars, the whole product line is available in stainless steel AISI 304 and 316L, ensuring high functionality and safety.

What does the range include?
In the product category you can find three distinct articles, depending on the size of the anchor hole:

With dimensions 40x97x5 mm, the Infinity allows the anchorage with connector through a 21 mm hole.

With dimensions 64x115x6 mm, the internal anchor hole is 40 mm. This shape has been designed to facilitate its use with larger connectors, such as scaffolding connectors. It complies with the simultaneous use of a maximum of 2 operators according to CEN/TS 16415:2013.

The product Double Infinity, as the name suggests, is different from the others because it has a double wall fastening, for a major security, and double anchorage hole, allowing the use by two people at the same time. The holes have a dimension of 21 mm. It complies with the CEN/TS 16415:2013 standard for the simultaneous use of a maximum of 2 operators.

 All SICURPAL INFINITY, BIG INFINITY and DOUBLE INFINITY devices meet the requirements of UNI EN 363:2008 regarding “Personal fall protection equipment - Personal fall protection systems”. They are suitable for use in various types of individual protection systems, such as restraint, work positioning, fall arrest, rope access and rescue.

Sicurpal has provided the use of Infinity devices in combination with other products in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of installation in various types of support structures, such as corrugated sheets, or with special needs such as the impossibility of drilling the structure.

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13 Sep 2021

BIM model

Sicurpal, manufacturer of lifelines and fall arrest systems, is the first in its sector to introduce BIM models of its products, complete with all the information necessary for proper design.

What is a BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process of creating 3D virtual models containing intelligent data. This technology allows to design buildings and infrastructure with a variety of information that is important for project development.

The building created with a BIM process thus contains a diverse set of information of various nature (such as physical, mechanical, environmental, financial, etc.) that allow to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of the building. This information can be easily converted to obtain documentation useful for its purpose, such as site drawings, installation methods, technical specifications, energy assessments, construction costs and maintenance procedures.

A BIM model is not limited to a simple visual representation; it contains a library of useful information, making it an indispensable efficiency tool for industry professionals.

The BIM refers to the technical standards UNI EN ISO 19650, which internationally concerns the organization and digitization of information on construction and civil engineering works.

Sicurpal and BIM

Sicurpal has introduced in its offer of services this novelty, making available the BIM models of its products, thus offering the possibility to use them by downloading them directly from the site.

With a few clicks, in the downloaded file there is the 3D model in IFC international standard format, compatible with the most popular BIM software.

Initially thought for the Basic Line lifeline, the goal will be to expand the BIM library of Sicurpal to provide all the information necessary for a correct design.

For more information, you can visit or contact directly the qualified staff by email at

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About us

Company portrait

«We work hard everyday to protect the lives of workers at height»

Since 1997
Sicurpal has been able to provide to its customers a wide-ranging service to solve all the problems on falls from the height in the civil, industrial, historical and green energy sectors.

Our technical department designs and studies the ideal solution to solve the security issues of the client in the height falls’ sector:
-  Free offers
-  Stainless steel products
-  Certified products according to the EN 795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013
-  Internal testing facility to test and certify the products
ISO 9001 accredited company
-  Experience in the European and Extra European market

Our main products:

  • PBS : Stainless steel deformation device, perfect for wood or concrete roof, even with  low structural resistance
  • Sicurslim : Ideal device for wooden structures with beams with a minimum thickness of 15 cm. It can suppor loads of 6/7 kN
  • Sicurlam : stainless steel device, perfect for roofs in corrugated sheet.
  • Sicurgraf : stainless steel device, perfect for roofs in seamed sheet.
  • SicurAir : lifeline with double steel cable at the ceiling, designed for industrial maintenance on airplanes, buses, trains. Main features: span 30m, maximum length 120m and max arrow of about 1 m.


Company data

Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 1997
Area of business
  • Industry
  • Construction industry
  • Suppliers
  • Engineering consultants, planners, architects, constructors
  • Other
Target groups
  • Work safety specialists (safety engineers and technicians)
  • Planning and construction
  • Instructor, trainer, consultant

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