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Sordin AB

Rorlaggarvagen 8, 33153 Varnamo
Telephone +46 370 693550, +46 705 239950

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A+A 2021 hall map (Hall 3): stand C25

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A+A 2021 fairground map: Hall 3


Christian Nilsson

Marketing & Sales Director



Lars Amnebjer


+46 790- 69 35 68


Roland Pettersson


+46 (0)706 95 65 59


Peter Ovrin

Product Manager

+46 72 554 83 01


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Our products

Product category: Ear protection

Sordin Share - Breaking teamwork Barriers

Great teamwork can do wonders.

Sordin Share breaks teamwork barriers. It offers all you need for occupational health and safety, professional wireless team communications and personal entertainment. Its intercom capabilities are based on a mesh network solution designed specifically for secure, critical team intercom. And it’s packed with user features that boost teamwork performance.

Key Features – Mesh Communication
  • Connects up to 15 team members on a private mesh
  • Full Duplex communication
  • 100% autonomous network - no need to be connected to a base station
  • Connect and share mobile call to the intercom network
  • Split the intercom network to several sub-networks in a seamless way without members intervention
  • 1:1 Private mode 
  • Hands-free - Natural voice control commands allow hands-free operation
  • Ambient Listening – Attenuation of sound > 82 dB – adjustable volume
  • Bluetooth – Streaming via mobile phone
  • FM Radio – Save up to 6 preset radio stations
  • Emergency Notification – Emergency call shared with group members
  • Private Chat
  • Voice Control

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Product category: Ear protection

Sordin Sharp - Staying Alert At Work

Sordin Sharp is Sordin’s brand new electronical hearing protector. A high-end hearing protector for professional use, which allows you to do your thing and perform at your best.
Let your employees connect their smartphones with their Sordin Sharps, and you have a company communications network for interaction between colleagues.
Sordin Sharp is also about spicing up your workday. Listen to FM radio, stream a playlist or enjoy an audiobook, switching easily between modes.
And because you’re hopefully going to keep your Sordin Sharp on for most of the day, we made it super-comfortable to wear with optional foam or gel sealing rings.

  • Ambient Listening – Attenuation of sound > 82 dB – adjustable volume
  • Bluetooth – Streaming via mobile phone
  • Bluetooth Multipoint – Connect the hearing protector to two mobile phones
  • Push-To-Listen – On/Off for ambient listening
  • FM Radio – Save up to 5 preset radio stations
Weight and Battery
  • Low weight – headband version under 400 g
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery – battery time 36 hrs
  • Automatic sleep mode after 2 hours of inactivity
  • Charging with USB-C cable (included)
Handling and Comfort
  • Robust keypad with distinct response
  • All function buttons on one side
  • Ergonomic position of the PTT button
  • TPE Sealing Rings – Increased comfort
  • Textile Sleeve – Increased comfort headband
  • Voice Feedback – Easy and clear user menu
  • Information on battery level
  • (FULL • 75% • 50% • 25% • LOW)

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Product category: Ear protection

Sordin left/RIGHT - Ergonomic Excellence

left/RIGHT is a very unique and comfortable model that has individual left and right ear caps – providing more space for the outer ear. The design aims for improved comfort and protection, enhancing the attenuation range and level of hearing protection.

  • Left and right individual earcups.
  • More space for the outer ear.
  • Improved comfort and protection.
  • Wider attenuation range.
  • Unique and careful design.

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Product category: Ear protection

Sordin SEAL - Passive Re-Defined

We can now offer and supply a new medium range earmuff with a patent pending TPE cushion. End user benefits:

  • Comfortable wearing.
  • Large volume inside the cup.
  • Comfortable ear space inside the sealing ring.
  • Modern and attractive design.
  • Smooth adjustment for perfect fit.
  • Guaranteed attenuation levels.
  • PVC free sealing ring.
  • Headband made of dielectric material.

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Product category: Ear protection

Sordin Classic Line - The Original - XLS

Extra wide headband for increased comfort

It has many features only found in more expensive ear muffs. XLS is mainly designed for use in lighter industrial environments and home use.

  • Extra wide headband reduces pressure on your head, ensuring a more comfortable and secure fit.
  • Two-point mounting system on ear cups, distributes the pressure evenly around the cushions.
  • Sure-grip headband facilitates donning and taking off the protectors even when you are wearing gloves.
  • Unique moulded inserts give excellent noise attenuation and provide maximum space for the ears inside the cup.

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Product category: Ear protection

Sordin Classic Line - The Original - EXC

Three distinct wearing positions for ease of use

Unique injection moulded inserts provide excellent attenuation and maximum space for the ears inside the cup. EXC can be equipped with a selection of visors and is suitable for most noise situations.

Helmet mounted
  • Patented spring design offers low pressure tension and a high level of comfort.
  • Three distinct wearing positions for ease of use.
  • Excellent grip makes it easy to adjust even when wearing gloves.
  • Wide and soft padding provides a firm fit.
  • Adjustable headband force for individual fit.
  • Two-point mounting system ensures pressure is distributed evenly around the cushion.
  • Unique moulded inserts give excellent noise attenuation and provide maximum space for the ears inside the cup.Extra wide headband for increased comfort

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Product category: Ear protection

Sordin Classic Line - The Original - HPE

Wide headband with ventilated padding

The HPE ear muffs have been designed to offer protection in areas with very high noise levels, especially in low frequencies. Thick, soft, foam-filled cushions provide high comfort and perfect seal. HPE can be equipped with a variety of visors.

Helmet mounted
  • Patented spring design offers low pressure and a high level of comfort.
  • Three distinct wearing positions.
  • Excellent grip makes it easy to adjust the cups even when wearing gloves.
  • Wide headband with ventilated padding provides a firm and comfortable fit.
  • Easily adjustable headband force for individual fit.
  • Large space for the ears inside the cup.

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Product category: Ear protection

Sordin Supreme

Supreme Pro-X, Sordin’s flagship hearing protector for hunting, effectively protects your hearing against rifle shots and other harmful noise – while allowing you to pick up ambient sound clearly and naturally. The surrounding sound is registered by microphones mounted on each cup and reproduced by internal speakers. You can therefore talk to people right next to you in a normal voice without removing your hearing protector – even with shooting going on around you.

The best sound – even before the latest improvement
Since 2020, Supreme Pro-X has a new and advanced sound profile that offers superb audio reproduction. Even before the upgrade, Supreme Pro-X was considered to have the best sound among the world’s high-end electronical hearing protectors. The new algorithm processes sound in such a smart way it creates brand new opportunities for hunters.

Helps you assess both distance and direction
Game animals have always been a step ahead thanks to their extraordinary senses. Now, you can turn hearing to your advantage. The electronics in Supreme Pro-X is so advanced, it allows you to turn up the volume high to precisely locate your prey, without experiencing disturbing noise. In addition, Supreme Pro-X is so fast you can hear the echo of your own shot, while safely protecting your hearing from the shot itself.

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Company news



06 Oct 2021

Sordin Share

Dear Partners and Collegues,

A while back, I had the pleasure of giving you a heads up of our new premium-quality electronic hearing protector Sordin Sharp, designed specifically 
for heavy-duty, professional use. 

Now, I’m offering you an exclusive preview of what’s bound to become a revolution in hearing protection. In fact, our upcoming product launch is more than a 
state-of-the-art electronic hearing protector. It’s a whole new way of looking at professional teamwork intercom. 

Curious to know how it breaks teamwork barriers? 
How work teams will communicate securely while improving their performance, 
even in the most noisy and harsh environments imaginable – in construction, 
civil engineering, manufacturing, mining and numerous other industries? 

We begin rolling out our latest flagship innovation to professional users across Europe!
- Sordin Share

Best regards,
Christian Nilsson
Marketing & Sales Director, Sordin

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About us

Company portrait

More than 30 years experience
Sordin has more than 30 years experience of developing, manufacturing and selling Personal Protection Equipment Above the Neck. We are a global supplier and the natural choice for professional users with high expectations regarding quality and technology.

Our product range comprises helmet mounted and headband earmuffs, both passive and active/electronical (including integrated FM radio earmuffs and customized active earmuffs). The products are continuously being developed and input from end users is the single most important source of information.

We have R&D, test laboratories and production in Vikmanshyttan and Värnamo, and a large number of distributors and retailers around the world offering our products to end users. Around 90 employees, all with high competence, quality and product property focus, represent the foundation for our business.

Sordin manufactures and distributes globally over one million earmuffs annually. Our vision is to ensure future product properties through constant development.

Company data

Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Number of employees 50-99
Foundation 1003
Area of business Person, plant and property protection
Target groups
  • Work safety specialists (safety engineers and technicians)
  • Person, plant and property protection
  • Health management